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TLC ‘Little People, Big World’ Spoilers: Tori Roloff Slams Haters

TLC ‘Little People, Big World’ spoilers finds that we have met the Roloff family and got to see how they live their lives and raise their children. One of the stars, Tori Roloff, has been receiving some backlash from her fans though. Recently, on Instagram, she was quick to reply to some of the haters that she has on social media. She slammed then for showing concern for her son, Jackson Roloff and she wanted to share her message with all the haters.

Little People, Big World: Tori Takes to Social Media

This weekend, Tori was set off by some fans who said that they were very concerned about Jackson’s well being. She posted, “It is not my responsibility to teach the world anything about dwarfism or a pandemic or any other global issues. I do have the platform where I can share information on things I find important like dwarfism or a pandemic or other global issues. I did not choose to be in the public eye. I fell in love and I chose my husband then and I choose him every day since. This all comes along with him and our family and I feel like I’ve done a damn good job of being the best I can be. I don’t owe you anything. You don’t own me. You can’t manipulate me. This is my Instagram and I can choose what I want to share. If this doesn’t sit well with you…I’m sorry. It’s not my job to change your mind.”

Little People, Big World: Tori Roloff Slams Haters

She did not tag a follower, but in a previous photo, one of her followers posted, “Great pic… I can’t help to notice Jackson’s legs. They look like they are curving even more. Is he in pain? Is there a way to correct while he is young? Just asking out of concern.” Tori replied back to it, “He’s actually popping his hip here with some sass. It exaggerates the bowing. He is in no pain whatsoever.”

Tori has had some issues with this before and in 2018, she posted about how she got mom shamed back then too. It just seems to come with the territory of being in the public eye, but people do need to understand that these parents are just like everyone else and just trying to make life work for them. You can keep up with Tori and her adorable children on Instagram. You can see just how amazing she is to them!

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