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Little People, Big World (LPBW): Are Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Moving?

From Little People, Big World, Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff are hinting that they could be moving soon. They are about to have a third child, making them a family of five and they have been opening up more about life and struggles.

They surprised a lot of us when they announced that they were expecting and some of their fans thought it was in poor taste since Tori Roloff had just started talking about her miscarriage and her struggles to have another baby.

Little People, Big World: Their Housing Struggles

The Roloffs have started talking a bit more about how they are having some trouble finding the perfect property for their growing family. Like many others right now, finding the right place to live and grow as a family is incredibly difficult. The prices in the housing market are pushing out families who can’t afford million-dollar homes and it seems that Jeremy and Audrey could be one of those families.

Little People, Big World: Are Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Moving?

The couple recently tried to buy part of Roloff Farms from his parents, but they completely rejected their offer and went with his father’s offer instead. This stung a little and the family has been searching for the perfect place ever since.

They have talked about how they have started touring properties and trying to find one that they think will help their family grow. They have put offers on a lot of homes and land,  but everything keeps falling through. This has been incredibly frustrating for them and this is why they are hinting at moving somewhere else.

Audrey answered some of her fans’ questions on Instagram and talked a little about this struggle. One fan asked her if they had found a place and Audrey said, “We’ve looked at a lot this summer, we really liked a few that got away, there is still one we keep circling back to  that we LOVE, but just not sure if we’re in the season of life to take on the project that it is. That said, we are still on the hunt.”

In her posts, she also mentioned that they are not putting a number on the children that they are having. She said that they love being parents and she won’t think about that until they are ready to talk about it. When asked if they would move out of Oregon, she did say that they wouldn’t say to it if they found their dream property elsewhere.

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