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Addison Rae Gets Nominated For Streamy Awards In spite of Tiktok Perma-Ban For ‘Multiple Community Guidelines Violations’

Recently, Addison Rae, who shot to fame on tiktok, got banned from the app permanently. It’s a good thing she already had her acting career in place with Netflix now, isn’t it? But apparently getting banned isn’t stopping her from getting nominated for a streamy.

That’s right, the academy awards of the online world has nominated Addison Rae for two different awards! Both creator of the year, and the lifestyle award? Now, the streamys are primarily a youtube thing and Addison Rae is tiktok, but it looks like they have totally expanded their list of platforms and are now nominating creators across platforms.

Addison Rae still got nominated for a streamy in spite of tiktok perma-ban

Why did she get banned from tiktok? It seems that Addison Rae was guilty of multiple ‘community guidelines violations’ whatever that means in tiktok language, it’s really unclear and it seems that the real reasons behind her perma-ban are still in question.

It seems that she has good humor about it though and even tweeted after her ban, “Well, time to get a job.” I’m guessing that multi-picture deal with Netflix couldn’t have come fast enough – even though her performance, and movie “He’s All That” was panned by… a lot of people, even the people who were initally fans of the original film. I guess it just goes to show that sometimes, even with the OG screenwriter, you can’t go home again.

If anyone is wondering about the Beauty category at the streamys, it seems that they’ve decided to go with non-problematic, non-problematic creators this year. (With the exception of Nikita Dragun who is nominated for best show… okay I guess we have to give a girl props for faking her own death soap opera style.)

One of them is Bailey Sarian (or Murder Mystery and Makeup Monday), and another is Nikkie Tutorials. There’s no James Charles or Jeffree Star to be had around here, at least not this year. However there is a creator that is nominated for the same categories as Addison Rae, and that is Bella Poarch, she’s also nominated for best breakout creator and shortform content.

All in all, she’s getting nominated for a lot of awards, so she could very well be giving Addison a run for her money. But we’ll just have to see. Stay tuned!!!

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