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ABC 'The Bachelor' Spoilers: Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan Are Official!

The Bachelor: Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan Feud

After seeing Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan in a very public feud, Weber has made a statement on where he currently stands. He has been pretty open about his feelings on their split and he has started talking a lot more about it.

He recently told fans, “Listen, obviously there’s two sides to every story, and yes, it’s true that usually, the truth lies a little bit, you know, in between both those sides. But I said my piece, and, like, I have no desire to further that. I’ve moved on. I know she’s moved on.” There is a lot more that Peter is ready to let out to his fans now.

The Bachelor: Peter’s Thoughts on Kelley

Peter and Kelley had a pretty rough split and their fans were sad to see them break up. Peter seems to have very positive words for her now, even though things were rough for a while there. He told fans, “I think we’ve all kind of moved on, which is cool. I’ll always say, I truly wish her nothing but the best. It was the most amazing relationship I’ve ever had in my life. And just because it didn’t work out, doesn’t mean that I think anything different of that.”

If you don’t remember their story, they met on The Bachelor. Kelley got sent home about seven weeks into the show and then he got engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss. He then called off their engagement and started quarantining with Madison Prewett from, the show and they ended up dating.

Peter and Madison then broke the news to their fans that they were moving to New York together. Just about a week after that big announcement, they called off their relationship and they told fans that they were in “two different stages” of life.

Then Kelley started talking more and more about their past relationship. She was on the podcast, Off the Vine and she told listeners that Peter wanted to hold off on telling fans about their split. She told him that is not how she wanted things to work, but he didn’t listen to any of her requests. That is why the drama all began. Peter then told fans that they didn’t even speak anymore because of the rumors that she had been telling others.

Kelley ended up making a video on YouTube and told fans, “I’m never going to let anyone speak a narrative for me and kind of, like, put out their storyline and just have me play along with it. I think some of my answers were not liked because it didn’t play along with the storyline that was being portrayed. But it’s my life too, and I think that I’m never going to let anyone create my narrative.”

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