‘The Bachelor’: Bennett Jordan Cannot Stop Gushing Over Kelley Flanagan

Bennett Jordan

Bennett Jordan continues to gush over Kelley Flanagan, as he made it no secret of his desire in pursuing her.

‘The Bachelor’: Bennett Jordan Cannot Stop Gushing Over Kelley Flanagan

The latter became available following her high profile split from her ex-boyfriend Peter Weber. The duo ended their relationship on such bad terms that Kelley commented on how she would ‘just run’ if she ever saw Peter again. That has not stopped Bennett from trying to woo her. During an interview with Us Weekly, Bennett said: “We’ve been out once. We haven’t gone out, you know, multiple times.

“I think she’s a smart girl. I’m open to seeing her again.” Despite the positivity coming from Bennett, Kelley does not seem to be reciprocating that enthusiasm. Although she has not categorically come out and said that she is not interested in Bennett, her actions would suggest otherwise. Bennett confirmed that Kelley is currently seeing someone else, but that has not put him off though.

He added: “She mentioned that she was kind of, sort of seeing someone…I know what that means. Things can change rapidly and quickly.” Bennett’s boldness could be praised but equally taken to be a sign of arrogance. He famously turned heads when he recalled a story in which he met Peter at a bar following the news of his split from Kelley.

Rather than going on to console Peter, Bennet laid his cards out in the open. He asked Peter whether he would give him the green light to pursue Kelley, and even though they had split, it was still a brave thing to do. Bennet, though, has not regretted anything. He continued: “[What] people don’t know is that I’ve gone about that in a very gentlemanly way.

“I would text or, you know, be in touch with her to get her approval. And she said it was, you know, flattering, and she appreciated my boldness.” But with Bennett set to appear on Bachelor in Paradise, he will have to get his skates on if he wants to make a go of things with Kelley. Time will tell whether anything does happen between them, but as for now, things are firmly in the balance.

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