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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Will Kalani Move To Samoa With Asuelu?

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal that the last time we left Asuelu Pulaa and Kalani Fagataa Pulaa, he was trying to pressure her to move to Samoa and raise their family there. He wanted her to go back to Samoa and learn the ways of his village and how the women in his family do things.

Kalani said that the only thing she is down for as far as Samoa goes is an extended visit, like for a month or two. Asuelu said that since he gave her 3 years in the United States, he wanted her to give him three years in Samoa, but Kalani is not likely to budge, a theory that was backed up by her sister, Kolini.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: The Samoan way isn’t the only way

Tiffany Franco, said that the culture sounded really misogynistic to her, that the women stay home and clean and do ‘all the things in the house’ while the men get to go out and hunt and fish.

Asuelu quickly volunteered that the men are the ones that actually do all the cooking in Samoan culture to which Kalani piped up and asked him why he didn’t cook for her and the boys at home then, and he said that in his culture it was more common to cook outside and that he didn’t know how to use electric ovens and the like. The cast just laughed and told him, “Nice try.” it’s been three years Asuelu, if you can play volleyball, you can read a manual.

When asked by host Shaun Robinson if she thought he was trying to make her more submissive, Kalani said, “Oh, without a doubt.” which honestly isn’t a good thing.

Asuelu’s family is behind a lot of this ideology and it seems like they don’t like Kalani because it keeps Asuelu from bringing home money directly to the family, and there is also the fact of the matter that Asuelu wants seven kids and Kalani has her hands full with two right now – also Asuelu seems to forget that he doesn’t have a seven kid salary right now. Oy! Then the producers brought out Tammy and Lisena.

Michael Illesanmi was shaking his head from the very beginning, he knew this was going to end badly. On the tell-all they said that at the time of filming, that Asuelu and his family had not seen or talked to each other since that Christmas.

When asked if Kalani wanted Asuelu to cut off all contact with his family she said that was hard because Samoan culture dictates that Mom is never wrong, but Kalani felt like there were certain lines that got crossed that should never be crossed, and we can all agree there.

Tammy said that she thought Asuelu was the one being disrespectful by pushing her Mom outside (although honestly watching that scene again, when did Asuelu push Lisena? It looked like Tammy was the only one who practically had to be carried out of the room), and it looks like Asuelu carried her outside, but he didn’t push her.

After a lot of back and forth, Lisena asked for an apology from Asuelu and he asked “What for?” because he didn’t technically do anything to her but she thinks what he did on Christmas was wrong when they were literally the ones that started the fight. Talk about your gaslighting!

Tammy did say that if he didn’t want Lisena’s help in trying to convince Kalani to have another baby then he should not have mentioned wanting to have another baby, specifically a daughter, to her. Okay fair, but Lisena did not have to take the convincing all the way up to 11, which is what she and Tammy both tried to do.

Asuelu said he would really have to think about reconciling with his Mom, Kolini, Lisena, and Tammy were quickly removed from the set, probably to prevent any violence. Tammy said that after this, their relationship is going to be no more, but Lisena tried to excuse Asuelu saying, “He’s a baby.” but he’s literally in his mid-20’s. Guess we’ll just have to see. Stay tuned!!!

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