Counting On: Are The Duggars Locked Into A Contract?

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With the cancellation of Counting On and the charges against Josh Duggar, fans are concerned about the Duggar family and their contracts. We all know that TLC has had the family in contracts for years now and many of us are curious what will happened with these contracts?

Will there be other Duggars to get shows or are they completely done for? There are many unanswered questions when it comes to the Duggars and we hope to find out more about their contacts.

Many fans of the Duggars are curious what is next for them. TLC pulled the plug on the show shortly after the charges against Josh came up. The cancellation of Counting On does not mean that they are completely free from the network.

Counting On: Are The Duggars Locked Into A Contract?

They are still under contract and this could be a little bit of a sticky situation. It seems that the Duggars may have up to six months to figure out their contracts and for TLC to determine what happens next for them.

Fans have tried to get more information out of the Duggars and even have questioned Amy King about what she thinks would be next for her family.

She hasn’t been very open about what she thinks and told many reporters that she would have to speak with a lawyer before she opens up more about her distant family. We all know that they feel as if she is the black sheep of the family and she is doing a great job at holding her tongue.

Many fans of the Duggars feel that TLC wasn’t too sure about cancelling the show. There were plenty of petitions going around to cancel the show and it did take the network about six weeks to make a decision.

TLC clearly had to figure out the right decision for their network and being a family network, they had to pull the plug on a show that features a man who had child pornography on his computer.

When TLC made the announcement about the cancellation, of course, the Duggars probably felt terrified. They have made their fortune from being on the network and by pulling the show, it seems that they will lose about $850,000 this year!

A source that is close to the family told fans, “Now TLC has axed the show, most of the family are desperate to get out of the contracts, they think it’s unfair that they can’t move on yet and sign any other deals.”

Who knows what will happen next with the Duggars, but we can keep up with them on their social media accounts.

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