Seeking Sister wife: Will The Winders Leave?

There have been a lot of rumors going around about the Winder family from Seeking Sister Wife. The rumors are that the family is leaving the show because they have called it an “interesting experience.”

The family also said that it was not their goal to find another wife, they wanted to help to raise awareness about what a polygamous lifestyle looks like.

They wanted to share their beliefs and try to educate those who have thought about it. When fans first read their Instagram post, they were shocked and just thought that they were leaving for good. This may have been read incorrectly.

Seeking Sister wife: Sharing Their Experience

The Winders came to us on the second season of Seeking Sister Wife and fans have really welcomed them with open arms. Colton Winder and Tami Winder are legally married and have a child named, Sadie.

In the third season of the show, they welcomed Sophie to the marriage and she had a baby boy. Tami was very upset about her infertility because she wanted to have more children. We saw them struggling with becoming a full family and moving to a home all together.

Seeking Sister wife: Will The Winders Leave?

They also were looking for another wife and Kimberley seemed to be a perfect candidate. She was living in North Carolina and they wanted her to come out to Utah. COVID-19 happened and this really put a damper on things.

Kimberley did end up coming to see the Winders, but it didn’t seem as if Colton had any sort of love connection with her.

The family continued to pay to God for Tami to be able to have another child and that is pretty much where we left them. What is going to happen with them now that the season is over?

The Winders do continue to post on social media and have talked about how blessed they feel these days. They closed out their post with, “This season of Seeking Sister Wife is closed for us with last night’s episode. We don’t know what the future holds, but we’re excited to see what will come next.”

They told fans that they have some new projects coming up and they are excited to share them with fans when the time is right.

You can continue to follow the Winders on their social media accounts and we do hope that they will come back on to the next season of Seeking Sister Wife.

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