TLC Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: An Update on the Snowdens

TLC The Snowdens

TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife spoilers has taken a permanent break, for the time being. When we got news of Bernie McGee’s death, it seems like interest in the show suddenly went down. That hasn’t stopped the Snowdens though! Fans really do want to see a new season, but Dimitri and Ashley Snowden have been pretty busy. Even if we don’t get a new season of the TLC hit show, we have some good news about the Snowdens.

TLC Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: News on the Snowdens

Dimitri and Ashley have been really busy. They are now making a podcast about polygamy and launching a new business this year! The podcast has many interested listeners and the Snowdens will talk about how it feels to be in a polygamous relationship. They answer many questions that their fans and listeners have about their lives.

TLC Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: An Update on the Snowdens

News came out about some of their failed partners as well. Ashley’s ex-partner moved to Australia. Vanessa Cobb told her fans that the Snowdens made her give up too many things in her life. Rumors and news about this part of their relationship went away really quickly and fans were sure that the Snowdens vanished into thin air. Until now… Fans of the TLC show never really knew what Dimitri did for a living, but it was soon explained that he had a very successful IT business. He has been successful at employing artificial intelligence in his company. His new business venture is making him a lot of money too! He is now selling vapes and CBD oil products. The name of the company is Snowden’s Botanicals.

On social media, he explained to his fans that their products come from organic CBD and they are very happy to launch this new business. Fans are happy for them as well and shared their thoughts about the new business. By looking at the website, there is a wide variety of products. There are herbal products for women and even a womb balance tea. There are also bath products for your inner goddess. We are very happy for the Snowdens and their new business. We will keep you posted on any news of a new season of Seeking Sister Wife, but now, we think that Ashley and Dimitri may have a lot of work cut out for them in 2020.

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