Seeking Sister Wife: Sidian Jones Concerned About What’s Next With Tosha

On the newest episode of Seeking Sister Wife, it seems that Sidian and Tosha Jones are concerned about what is next for them. They have been working hard to find a sister wife to add to their marriage and things are looking bleak.

They have one potential sister wife, Alexandra, but they are still not sure if she is looking for the same things that they are.

Seeking Sister Wife: First Date with Alexandra

When Sidian gets back from his date with Alexandra, Tosha immediately wants to know what happened. “You have to tell me everything. I’m really excited. And I was peeking out the window at your guys. You’re so cute!”

Then she told cameras, “I know it’s super bizarre, but I would be excited if Sidian kisses Alexandra, because I remember our first kiss, and I’d love for somebody else to experience the same feelings I have for him. Probably not what the avergae wife is looking for their husband to do.”

Seeking Sister Wife: Sidian Jones is Concerned

The concerns that Sidian has are about wanting to have children of her own. “I’m totally fine if Alexandra doesn’t really want to have kids of her own, but I am a dad. I’ve got three kids, two of which live with me, so she would kind of need to have some role with the kids in their lives.

So that is concerning.” Tosha told him that this is a concern, but she remembers going into their relationship and not wanting kids for a while and now they have them together. She said it is scary, but perhaps it is something that Alexandra has yet to figure out.

Another concern that Sidian has shown is that Alexandra was pretty open about the fact that she is dating other people right now. She is dating around and feels that it is her way to meet a potential partner.

This made Sidian feel uneasy because he doesn’t know what else she is doing with these potential partners. Tosha said that he should have been open about the feelings on this topic too, but he said that was too heavy for their first date conversation.

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