‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Sexual & Physical Assault Claims Against Dimitri Snowden Grow!

If you have been keeping up with the TLC show, Seeking Sister Wife, you know that there are a lot of claims against Dimitri Snowden. Snowden is being accused of sexual and physical assault by an ex-sister wife. Now another woman is coming out and sharing stories of the time that she spent with the Snowdens as a sister wife. Will TLC cut ties with this family too?

‘Seeking Sister Wife’: One More Woman Comes Clean

Snowden and his wife, Ashley Snowden are on the show to try and find one more wife to join in their plural marriage. One woman, Ariadne Joseph came out and chatted with YouTuber, John Yates.

She shared a lot of initimate details with Yates about how her relationship was with the Snowdens, especially Dimitri. She told Yates that she was choked several times and she was even thrown onto a table that also was filled with guns.

She told Yates that there were many times that she would be woken up by Dimitri while he was raping her. She said, “When you’re in a situation where you’re married, or with someone, and you both have had consensual sex, it’s hard to reconcile in your mind that this person has violated you, has taken something from you without permission. These three people abused me and traumatized me and my children.” Ariadne ended up moving from Louisiana to Georgia in 2016 to join the Snowdens. She met them online in a polygamy group and brought her children with her.

Things got very scary and strange for Ariadne when she moved in with the Snowdens. “When I walked into the house, I was greeted by my potential sister wife with no clothes on. He required me to be naked too. Ashley seemed sweet. The first month was blissful. I was really happy the first month. I wanted to be happy. I had taken a leap of faith trusting him with myself and my children.” She admitted that the couple had a lot of rules that she didn’t like. They wanted to have threesomes and Ashely always had to be in the room when she had sex with Dimitri.

“I declined many times. This was when he and her were engaging and he wanted me to participate. They’re very convincing, cuning, manipulative and believable. They had me fooled for a long time.”

It seems that more stories like this may exist and fans hope that TLC will do something about having the Snowdens on the show.

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