‘Doubling Down with the Derricos’: Is Karen Derrico Pregnant?

‘Doubling Down with the Derricos’ Spoilers indicate that oldest Derrico daughter, Darien, has noticed that Mom Karen has been a lot more catty than usual. She was ragging on her jumprope skills saying that where she was from, in South Carolina, that Darien’s jumprope skills wouldn’t be up to par and the girls would be teasing her about being on her phone constantly.

(Deal with it, Mom, that’s just what teens do!) Karen also made a catty comment saying that in her day, obesity wasn’t a problem because everyone went outside and played.

‘Doubling Down with the Derricos’: Is Karen Pregnant? But Darien says that she’s not normally like that.

She has also noticed that Karen has become nauseated really easily lately, something that, pre-Covid, was just not a thing. Even Deon said that Karen was not the type to get sick. Although Karen herself said that if she were pregnant, she would definitely know and that she does not feel pregnant.

Another clue for Deon is when Karen said that the Humble Pie smelled good, but that she would rather eat pickles instead. Karen ate 8 pickles in one sitting, and then in the confessional she had to get up and promptly go to the bathroom because she felt sick, Deon said that this kind of thing only happened when she was pregnant.

Grandma GG was not amused when Deon told her to come look at the “Pie in the oven”, she got the hint almost immediately, seeing Karen eating pickles and looking sheepish, in her confessional she said, “What the hell is he trying to tell me?” GG was not amused at all and asked him, “When is the line drawn?” when it comes to too many kids.

Sounds like Grandma is tired of babysitting. I mean, we can all see why, 14 kids is a lot for anyone, even when she has help with both parents and the honorary Derrico, Eric, 14 kids is a lot to look after, and Grandma GG isn’t a spring chicken anymore. She said that the more kids that they have, the more help she sees them needing, and that includes her.

Yeah, Grandma’s tired of babysitting. Deon fired back with, it’s always been his dream to have a large family from the time that he was a child. GG asked him, “Did you ever think of any more than 10?” and Deon answered truthfully that he didn’t even put a number on the amount of children that he wanted to have. Grandma GG’s reaction was very disheartening for Deon, will she accept the outcome if it’s positive? Stay tuned!!!

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