‘Doubling Down With The Derrico’ Spoilers: The Derrico’s make Humble Pie

‘Doubling Down With The Derrico’ Spoilers reveal that the Derrico’s came up with an interesting solution to Dallas and Denver ganging up together against their other siblings, and that is making “humble” pie together. Humble Pie is sweet potato pie, but this slice is served only to the ones who have been victimized… by their aggressors.

Of course Deon said that he wasn’t going to let Dallas or Denver go without a slice of pie, but he wanted this to be what he called a “teachable moment” for his kids, because he was afraid that the multiples could potentially gang up on the singletons in the family and that just wouldn’t be fair.

‘Doubling Down With The Derrico’ Spoilers: The Derrico’s make Humble Pie

They knew that the lesson had been learned when one of the twins started crying while making the dish. As extreme as that sentence sounds, the twins didn’t seem traumatized by what happened to them at all. Rather, it was just a part of childhood.

Unlike some more extreme punishments that I’ve seen some parents dole out, yes it resulted in tears, but there was no miserable wailing and in the confessional, even though one of the twins was crying, they didn’t seem completely heartbroken.

The lesson they took away from it was, “You can’t help being a twin, but you have to live in the world.” which means, that while you can’t help being a twin, you do have to work with other people in the world.

That’s a healthy lesson, and a really healthy way of teaching it. There was no spanking, no screaming, no pouting, just a lesson being learned by a child. Honestly, it looks like the Derrico’s may be onto something. Even though the life lesson was much bigger than this, Deon also managed to educate the kids on another important thing, cross-contamination of food!

They had to throw out the first batch of Humble Pie because one of the quints had touched her hair and then ended up touching the humble pie batter, causing Dad to have to make an entirely new one, which amused Grandma GG to no end. At least we know one thing for sure, the Derrico’s kitchen is very clean and it would be safe to have lunch with them. Stay tuned!!!

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