‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Shares Cryptic Post!

Sister Wives cast member, Meri Brown is constantly posting on social media and many of her fans are concerned that her cryptic posts could mean a lot more. Her life and her marriage are pretty scattered right now and she is still having some grieving time for the death of her mother.

She passed away a month ago and it has been difficult for Meri. With her marriage with Kody Brown, it looks like she is ready to bail, but fans are not exactly sure where her emotions are right now. Her most recent post shows us that no one really knows where she is mentally.

‘Sister Wives’: Sharpening Her Knives

Meri has gone through a lot these past two years and now it seems that Kody is giving her the cold shoulder as well. She talked a lot on the show about her “unimaginable pain” that she deals with in the current state of her marriage. On top of this, she is now dealing with the way that her husband treats her. This all sounds like a recipe for disaster.

In her most recent post on Instagram, she shared a picture of her two dogs. You can see her feet between them. She wrote, “Taking the time to rest and recharge is SO important! If you know me, you know I go go go, I do do do. The past year or so, I’ve really tried to focus more on taking time to recharge. And it’s HARD! I’ve always been the type to get all the work done, and THEN I can play. And yet, what do they say, you need to fill the tank because you can’t run on empty, you need to sharpen the blade because a dull knife doesn’t work too well, you get the idea. Also, don’t worry, the work will always be there waiting. Create your safe space around yourself. Create boundaries and don’t let people push you to do things on their timeline, do them on your own. You know your capacity, honor it, and honor yourself. Do what you can when you can and when you can’t, that’s ok. Make yourself important to yourself. Say no when you need to. Stay later when you need to. Rest. Recharge. Breathe.”

Her fans love her wise words and told her that she should write a book all about these thoughts. We do hope Meri had a great Mother’s Day and is healing from the death of her mother.

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