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Sister Wives: Christine Brown Ready To Move With or Without Kody Brown!

The drama has been heating up on Sister Wives and with the end of the season upon us, many fans are curious if they will be back. One of the major topics of conversation that has come up is the wives moving back to Utah. Christine Brown has been very expressive of how she is unhappy and wants to move back to Utah with or without Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Drama Builds

In the last season of Sister Wives, the big topic of conversation was the land at Coyote Pass. This season has been all about the pandemic and the wives who have become jealous of one another.

Christine has been very vocal about how she doesn’t want to be married to Kody anymore and she is ready to go back to Utah. The couple has been spiritually married for about 25 years and she has grown tired of the way he treats her and her children.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Wants To Move

Christine opened up more about their marriage. She told her family, “When we were in Utah, you guys all talked about how it was home, and the mountains were home, and family was there. So I thought that you felt the same.”

Janelle Brown told her, “I’m sorry, I just didn’t even know how to make this okay for you.” All of the wives do love Utah and feel like it was always be home for them, but a couple of them just don’t see themselves moving out there again.

Robyn Brown has been really struggling with being in a plural marriage, but fans aren’t sure why since clearly she is Kody’s favorite wife.

She told the other wives, “So when we went, I mean, it did feel like that, but it’s just, it’s home but it’s not friendly, is how I feel. I mean, there’s a part of it that will always be home to me, always. But it’s not friendly to us and I don’t know. I just don’t know how to feel comfortable doing that to my kids.”

After the wives talked about Utah, Meri Brown knew that she had to pull Christine aside and get an idea of what is going on with her. Christine, “Meri, I can’t do marriage with Kody anymore.” We will have to stay up to date with the Sister Wives and Kody on their social media accounts to find out more. There is still more drama that we haven’t seen on the show yet!

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