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Shocking tapes Revealed In the Horrific Lori Daybell/Chad Daybell Children Murder Case!

We all remember the sad day 8 months ago when the grisly discovery of Lori Daybell’s two children, 17 year old daughter Tylee Ryan and 8 year old son JJ Vallow were found on the property of cult leader husband Chad Daybell, happened after a months long search.

It was a sad, horrendous, but not too surprising ending given how flippant Lori Daybell was about their very existence. For months both Lori and Chad evaded police and Lori even seemed to like all the media attention she was getting, even though she kept mum on the whereabouts of the children, even when asked point blank by reporters about their whereabouts and well-being.

Shocking tapes revealed in the Cult Mom case

Now it looks like the prosecutor in the case, Rob Wood and Lori’s sister, Summer Schifflett, have had conversations that put the case in jeopardy – although in the end it was determined that there was no actual wrongdoing on the part of Wood.

In the tapes he told Schifflett that they were going to seek conspiracy to commit murder charges and that if that charge goes through that it could possibly end up a death penalty case. He did tell her sister that seeking the death would all depend on Lori. Schifflett admitted that if Lori ever “comes out of this state and realizes the weight of it, she may prefer that”.

Before his death, her former husband, Charles Vallow had said that his wife was psychotic and that he feared for his life, could this be the state that Schifflett is referring to? Is she finally just now showing signs of being completely mentally insane? Is it to a point where she can no longer hide it from the people in her life? That’s a very real, very terrifying possibility.

When asked about what the cause of Tylee’s death could have been, Wood said that right now Tylee’s body was at the FBI’s state of the art crime lab and that it was still being investigated. The sad thing is that Wood admitted that they may not ever know what the real cause of death was for Tylee.

It was discovered that there was not much that actually remained of Tylee’s body and that investigators had to dig and dig through the soil for the few bones and the one bit of Tylee’s flesh that remained. If that doesn’t indicate how much hatred and vitriol these two alleged “parents” of this little girl had for her, I don’t know what does. JJ’s body was pretty well preserved, wrapped in plastic so it will probably be easier to determine a cause of death for him.

Before the children’s bodies were found, Lori had expressed interest in talking to prosecutors but Chad had talked her out of it. Wood made a spot-on observation about Daybell saying that he was highly manipulative, however, he was quick to say that he did not think of him as highly intelligent, but that those two factors were largely independent of each other and that just because you were highly manipulative didn’t mean that you were highly intelligent.

He also said that Chad seemed like a wimp. Schifflett says if her sister that she hopes that she does come forward and talk to the prosecutors. We all hope for that, but not for Lori’s sake, but rather so that the family can get closure. We’ll keep a close eye on this case. Stay tuned!!!

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