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Netflix True Crime: Cold Case Files

Netflix True Crime: Cold Case Files

Netflix true crime finds that we’re going to look at some more series. They have plenty of docu-series and what not but sometimes you just want those old school shows. Such as City Confidential, FBI Files, or Cold Case Files—which we’re going to get into. The series started in the late 1990s and ran into the early 2000s before ending its run. 

Originally hosted by Bill KurtisCold Case Files was pretty much my favorite show on A&E—and that network has little I’ll catch now and days. The full series was originally available on Netflix but it was removed sometime before Netflix got the rights for a reboot. Netflix’s Cold Case Files is hosted by Kurtis and narrated by Danny Glover. 

Netflix True Crime: Cold Case Files 2.0

The original series featured either one lengthy case or two cases. Now, since this was one of those early true crime series post-Unsolved Mysteries and pre-podcasts and ID, don’t expect the deepest dives into the victims’ lives. Cold Case Files 1.0 hit the ground running with a case even if it was a one-case episode. 

With the reboot, we have a show that is more in line with modern true crime storytelling. It’s more about interviews and storytelling via the narrator than a combination of storytelling and strong reenactments. I can take either but I’ve always missed the identifiable presenters and mediocre reenactments of old true crime shows. 

As I’ve said before: Netflix nails true crime. It runs for ten episodes—normal for Netflix—and features cases not covered in the original run. The series got praise for its return season but the platform never followed up with another season which is weird.  

Most of Netflix true crime comprises of limited docu-series or documentaries. There are a few shows which are good but it could only help Netflix to have another regular true crime series for the time between the hot documentaries releases. Who knows, it might return with new a new narrator and host. 

Netflix True Crime: Verdict: 8/10 

Cold Case Files 2.0 was a faithful reboot featuring a new voice narrating. Kurtis and Glover make for a good team. I recommend this if you need a break from Tiger King or a palate cleanser following some of the more intense true crime docu-series. It’s not going to hold you for one story but it might have you searching Netflix for something similar.

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