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Netflix True Crime: Nurses Who Kill

Netflix True Crime: Nurses Who Kill


Netflix True Crime finds that Nurses Who Kill is one of those series that flies under the radar of Netflix true crime and there’s a reason. While it is a docu-series, it’s a case-per-episode series. There’s nothing wrong with that, these kinds of series are what pulled modern true crime closer towards the docu-series and podcast period in reliving these stories. Let’s get a bit into Nurses Who Kill. 

Netflix True Crime: Nurses Who Kill

Normally when I do Netflix true crime, it’s on series focusing on one case for a few episodes. This is a different kettle of fish as it gives us a different murderer each episode—just like Cold Case Files and the previously reviewed Murder Maps. 

What works for this series are the interviews with investigators on the cases as well as the re-enactments. The re-enactments are well done and Nurses Who Kill doesn’t rely on them to carry to the show. This in contrast to a series like Deadly Women or the recent seasons of Snapped. The investigators tend to do the heavy lifting since they went into the cases but the show is 50/50 between the two. 

When watching a series like this, the other thing that pops a show is the selection of cases or profiled murderers. I suppose it’s alright. If you’re a true crime fanatic, you would’ve heard a lot of these names several times or you’d be familiar with the cases. We don’t always need a recently discovered case to keep us interested in the show but the depth in which the show dives into the subjects leaves something to be desired. 

For viewers where true crime and research aren’t hobbies, the subjects might be interesting. The thing is that most of the featured criminals carried out their acts in the same way. Plus, Nurses Who Kill aims for big names, notable counts, and since this a British show you’ll see a couple of British and European angels of death. 

Netflix True Crime: Verdict: 6.5/10 

This isn’t a terrible show but it is a lacking show. I believe if it was brought back this year or whenever it might feature more attention to detail or expand into a variety of names. At its core, Nurses Who Kill is kind of like the early Snapped episodes or Forensic Files—both great shows. If that’s more your pace over the one-case docu-series, you might just enjoy this show. At the minimum, it’s a good show to kick off your true crime research into nurses who kill. 

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