TLC ‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: Close Up On Aspyn Brown – No Polygamy In Her Marriage

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TLC ‘Sister Wives’ spoilers finds that we have met the wives of Kody Brown, and if you have been watching the show long enough, you probably remember most of their children too. Meri, Janelle, and Christine have many children with Kody. One of these children is Aspyn Brown. As the family has moved from Utah to Las Vegas and Flagstaff, Arizona, we have seen many changes in the family’s dynamic, weddings, and births. Many viewers are curious where these children are and we have some news about Aspyn and her family.

TLC ‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: Where Is Aspyn Brown?

If you remember, Aspyn is the second child in the Brown family. She is the child of Christine and Kody. She and Mariah were actually born about three months apart and this was a very happy moment in the lives of the Browns. TLC never got too much of Aspyn on camera, unlike a lot of the other children who were given their own storylines. She had very little drama in her life when she was growing up so that could be the reason that she wasn’t on camera too often. It could have been her choice too; perhaps she wasn’t a big fan of being on television.

TLC ‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: Close Up On Aspyn Brown

In 2018, Aspyn got engaged to Mitch Thompson. She was attending school at UNLV when she made the announcement that they were engaged. They had met years earlier, but they reconnected and one thing led to another. Both were in the church group together and she said that she always had a thing for him. They met again at a church rally and she decided to call him. When they got married, TLC captured the wedding and it was a bit unusual for the Brown family.

Thompson is Scottish and when the two of them were married, he wanted to share his connection with his culture. He and Kody Brown both wore kilts at the wedding and they added a Celtic tradition of binding the couple’s hands together to show their connection to one another. Many viewers thought that this was odd. Thompson’s mother makes hats so she made all the women in the wedding a custom hat and they looked gorgeous!

Mitch has actually been on another TLC show because he also grew up in a polygamist family. One of his sisters is in a polygamist marriage and she was on ‘Seeking Sister Wife’. Mitch and Aspyn are often asked if they would ever consider being in a polygamist relationship. After seeing all of the drama in their parents’ lives, these two love their marriage just to one another. They do not have children as of yet and they are not very active on social media because they love living a private life. We can’t say that we blame them!

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