Counting On: Anna Duggar Slammed For Not Protecting Her Kids From Husband Josh Duggar In Light of Horrific Child Pornography Accusations

Critics are turning on Anna Duggar for doing very little to protect her children from her husband, Josh Duggar. The former reality television star was released from jail while he awaits his trial on charges that he downloaded and possessed child pornography. Here’s what you need to know.

Reports say that Josh is not allowed to be anywhere near his pregnant wife Anna Duggar or their six children. Instead, he is expected to be under house arrest at a family friend’s home in northwest Arkansas.

But what fans want to know is why Anna Duggar didn’t do anything to protect their children, especially supposedly knowing that her husband had a child porn addiction.

Counting On: Critics Turning On Anna Duggar For Not Protecting Her Kids From Husband Josh Duggar

Of course, it didn’t take long at all for fans to weigh in on the case, especially after it was reported that Josh Duggar was released on bail following his arrest just last week. Josh will not be able to see his children but reports say that he will be able to see his pregnant wife, Anna.

Some critics have taken to their social media accounts to criticize Anna for doing nothing to protect her children from her husband, especially with her knowledge of what he can and cannot do.

Some commented with, “Time for me to stop being sad for Anna and start being sad for these victims of sexual abuse. These babies that Josh watched being tortured. Lock him up,” along with, “Nauseating. I do not feel sorry for Anna. He should have NO access to his kids and I hope she and the kids decided to leave that family. My heart only breaks for his children.”

Another critic wrote, “As a mother, I cannot fathom how Anna cannot put her children first. It’s time for CPS to step in.”

Just a few days before Josh’s arrest, he and Anna announced that they were pregnant with the couple’s seventh child. She has so far made no comments about her husband’s case.

Yet, according to blogger Katie Joy of the Without a Crystal Ball Instagram account, one source close to the situation said, “Josh laughed and joked during the hearing. Jim Bob is somehow conning friends to take Josh in. The judge failed children everywhere today.”

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