TikToker Charli D’Amelio and Abby Lee Miller Feud On Instagram

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If you have been following Charli D’Amelio, you know that she has been called out once already by Abby Lee Miller on Instagram. The Dance Moms star has started to target Charli for some reason and it seems that she called her out once again this week. What does a middle-aged woman have to say to a teenager? Oh, just wait. It seems that Abby Lee Miller has quite a distaste for her.

Abby Targets Charli

This pandemic has led people to make some poor decisions simply out of boredom. Many followers of Charli think that this is what is happening to Abby. On Wednesday, Charli was excited to share her new sponsorship with Dunkin Donuts and wanted to share her signature coffee. (Wait, why is a teenager drinking coffee?)

In the photo that Charli put up, she has her feet turned inward and posed for the camera. Apparently, Abby got very upset about how she had her feet turned. She wrote, “Adorable girl turned the feet on purpose. Breaks my heart!”

Why does this bother her so much? So according to Abby, her feet shouldn’t be turned this way because it causes better leg extension if the legs are turned outward. Fans pointed out that Charli isn’t dancing in the photo and they said that Abby was out of line in calling her out for this.

Abby has actually pointed this out in many of Charli’s pictures before. When Charli posts on Instagram, most of her pictures aren’t of her dancing, so who even cares how her feet look? It seems that Abby has nothing better to do right now then to post on Charli’s Instagram.

Many of Charli’s fans feel like it is completely out of place to do so. Charli doesn’t seem to be too bothered by it because she has not replied to any of the comments that Abby has made on her Instagram.

Abby’s comment did have about 600 people reply to it about how it didn’t really matter what her feet were doing because she wasn’t dancing. One fan wrote to Abby, “Girl, can you shut the hell up? It’s just a picture!” Another wrote, “Why do you cry about everything? Get a new hobby.”

We are glad that Charli didn’t let Abby’s comments bother her and it was good to see her fans sticking up for her and the placement of her feet. You can check out the pictures on Instagram as well.

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