Chris Hansen: The Once Great Television Journalist Continues To Fall Into Obscurity And Controversy

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Chris Hansen is synonymous with catching child predators and his famous line, “have a seat”. Once held in the highest regard during his years on ‘To Catch a Predator’, it seemed like he could do no wrong. In fact, I was there, all those years ago and remember watching these weirdos get caught red-handed.

While it was, at the end of the day, a television show to drive profits, it felt like it was actually doing something. Hansen would work with local law enforcement and the group Perverted Justice, to watch potential child predators and see that they were arrest and charged.

Chris Hansen: Fired From Dateline NBC

The show ended, however, when Louis Conradt, an assistant district attorney from Texas, killed himself when Hansen showed up to his house with camera crews to confront him about some illicit chats he had been having online with underage children. The story goes deeper, however, as Conradt was going to be arrested later that today anyways, but they saw an opportunity for some sensational reporting and showed up to the house hours before the police to confront him! After not being able to get into the home, they heard a pop. Conradt had shot himself.

This promptly ended the show on Dateline NBC, and soon after, Hansen was fired when he was caught in a cheating scandal.

Recently, he made a return to the famous act of catching predators, a few different times. Once, with True Crime Daily, where he executed about half a dozen episodes and was highly revered once again. Fans and viewers were glad to see this segment return, and immediately, the viewers began rising. However, this was not without controversy.

Chris Hansen: The Ill-Fated Kickstarter Campaign

Back in 2016, A lot had taken place in order to complete this series, including a Kickstarter where 1,220 backers pledged $89,000 to bring his show ‘Hansen vs. Predator’ to life. This went well until he hard to go through with the backer rewards. After years, many backers had not received their merchandise and it turns out Hansen was arrested for bounced checks he tried to use to purchase the goods.

Hansen was broke, and even to this day, many people have complained about never receiving their rewards for funding this project and have joined together to start a class action lawsuit against Hansen. This, was just the beginning of Hansen’s downfall, however. As it goes much further and gets much darker than some bounced checks.

Chris Hansen: The Once Great Television Journalist Continues To Fall Into Obscurity And Controversy

Hansen, after the bounced checks, failed backer rewards and cheating scandal decided he had one last option. Going independent on YouTube. He began to speak about everything on his YouTube channel. This included local cases all the way up to even Jeffrey Epstein. There was only one issue, Hansen, had no idea what he was doing.

Chris Hansen: His Odd YouTube Channel & Vincent Nicotra

Hansen was broke and brought in Vincent Nicotra, the owner of a web development company that would do work for free, and instead, they would place ads for his company all over the channel. The only issue was, Nicotra was terrible at his job. The website looked amateur and Hansen would soon use Nicotra as an everyman. This would end in disaster, and we’ll come back to Nicotra shortly.

So, with a new YouTube channel, a partner who would work for free, and plenty of content to cover, what could go wrong now? Apparently, just about everything he did.

Chris Hansen: New Predator Investigations?

Over the next several months, fans would continue to ask when he planned on doing more predator investigations, as that was seemingly what he was best at. His channel was also titled, “Hansen vs. Predator”, so, yeah. He continued to say they were coming and right around the corner. However, this was not the case.

Following some backlash over Hansen in a live-chat, a viewer placed a copyright strike on some of his content which, in turn, fueled Hansen with some vitreal apparently, as he went around YouTube and began placing strikes on anything and everything related to ‘To Catch a Predator’ or that involved him, even if it was fair use. This felt like a childish tantrum and continued to sink his stock further with the people.

Chris Hansen: Onision & The Increased Viewership

Chris realized he would need to hop onto hotter topics and figure out a spin to get viewers back. Most of his original viewers had moved on by this point and his viewership was starting to drop. He needed to jump on something controversial and regain some form of community. Queue, Onision.

Gregory James Daniel, AKA Onision, began to be the focal point of Hansen’s videos for months. He had been the source of much controversy over his behavior and abusive nature. There were accounts of sexual misconduct and Hansen began to bring on alleged victims of Onison to his live shows.

This began to blow up his numbers for people who were interested in Onision. They would expose his repulsive behavior, give insight into who he was, and some were even romantically involved or lived with him for months at a time. People began subscribing again and giving Chris respect. However, people began to believe Chris was beginning to stretch the truth and sensationalizing the story.

One YouTuber, who had experience with Onision, spoke to Vincent Nicotra (there’s this guy again), and they set up a “pre-interview”. He goes on to explain the pre-interview the day before was essentially the same as the live interview and wasn’t too big of a deal. However, the thing that stuck out to him, was Chris’s comment, that he “really wanted to hit home tomorrow night at this whole cult thing”. The interviewee felt Chris and Vincent were trying to lead him in a certain direction with the questions.

Chris Hansen: Vincent Nicotra Fired

To make things worse, Vincent was accused of making fun of disabled people via social media and lied about his web programming skills and abilities. He purchased a website builder script and claimed he had made it himself. He continued to be accused of several other incidents, and eventually, was fired by Hansen.

Nicotra was far out of his depth, yet Hansen brought him in because he worked for free. So now with Nicotra in his corner, many believed that Hansen could get back on track. However, this wasn’t the case.

There is much more to the Chris Hansen saga, and I will continue it in a second article. There are more sketchy dealings and strange things that he’s partaken in that we need to address.

As once a big fan of Hansen, I’ve been upset to learn everything he’s done since his days at Dateline NBC and cannot believe what this man will do for a check.

What do you think? Did you know about these things? Let us know in the comments below.

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