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‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Bri Springs is the Latest Contestant to be Edited Out of an Episode!

‘The Bachelor’ spoilers find that something weird is going on with how The Bachelor special episodes: Women Tell All and After the Final Rose, were edited this year.

We all remember the strange case of the disappearing Heather. Her tell-tale platinum blonde hair was visible from the back during some very wide, sweeping shots, but it seems the close-up camera angles were very deliberately keeping the woman who crashed the Bachelor party late in the game out of frame.

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Bri Springs is the Latest Contestant to be Edited Out of an Episode!

Next fans asked where Bri Springs was for the After the Final Rose special. Ordinarily the lead (Matt James) would be put in the hot seat to face final girls 2 and 3 (Michelle Young and Bri respectively) before we see him gush over his lady number 1.

While Michelle got her time in the spotlight and the chance to address Matt (and his inability to respond in a humanoid way when a woman professes her feelings for him) fans were disappointed when Bri was nowhere to seen.

Now we find out Bri was at the special. She did sit down with new host Emmanuel Acho to speak about her instant connection with Matt, how she left her dream job for a chance with Matt, why her mother became an instant star during hometowns and that she feared for her life during her date with Matt. Oh yeah, because he nearly killed her by flipping the ATV they were riding!

Bri also spoke with Emmanuel about how the things she and Matt had in common, like being biracial and raised by a single mother  only strengthened their connection and admitted it was a challenge to relive her emotions as she watched the season. She did, however, appreciate the clarity that came from seeing Matt’s relationships with both Michelle and final rose winner Rachael Kirkconnell.

Bri sat down to tell Extra she was “extremely disappointed” that her segment with Emmanuel was cut from being aired as she felt after the conversation about her journey she was “able to kind of wrap it up all in a bow” and get  closure. “I wish people could have seen me reach that conclusion.”

She does understand, however that her appearance was cut from the show in order to give the time necessary for the “important conversations that needed to be had.” She was referring, of course, to the controversies surrounding race that ultimately broke Matt and his final lady, Rachael up.

While fans didn’t get to see Bri on After the Final Rose, we will have to keep our fingers crossed we will see her on Bachelor In Paradise which has just been confirmed to air early August this year, even without a cast or location confirmed at this time!

Watch this space for more BIP news as we get it!

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