Jenna Marbles Engaged To Julien Solomita!

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We all felt it when Jenna Marbles left youtube, but that doesn’t mean that she is off of society’s radar for good. Julien Solomita, Jenna’s partner of 8 years, announced on his twitch stream that he and Jenna are officially engaged! He said the reason behind popping the question was that he woke up one day and decided that he wanted to be married to her.

Of course, he had to get permission from a very prominent family member first, Jenna’s oldest dog, Marbles, whom she has had for 10 years. He asked Marbles permission before popping the question! Marbles, of course, said yes. (As a dog Mom who’s own baby’s opinion means the world, I can safely say that Jenna has found a keeper.)

Jenna Marbles engaged

Jenna didn’t make an appearance in the stream, which is kind of bittersweet for her fans, we understand why but at the same time it would have been so great to see her happy and engaged. However Julien did give the fans the next best thing and show off a picture of Jenna’s ring hand, and as it turns out, Jenna even bought him a ring too.

Jenna said it was because she wanted him to be able to enjoy the engagement too. Though he said that the ring was ‘temporary’ so I’m not exactly sure what that means – maybe it just means that Jenna plans to surprise him with another ring later? There’s a thought.

Jenna has not commented on her engagement publicly yet, but we understand why. When she said that she was taking time off indefinitely, she meant it. So she’s out there, living life and being engaged and actively not hurting anyone.

It’s the life that she wants to live, and who can be mad at that? We wish her and Julien all the luck and happiness in the world, and hopefully we’ll catch some good engagement or wedding photos soon… however if that’s not an option, then, we’ll still understand. (We’ll be heartbroken, but we’ll understand.)

As long as Jenne doesn’t go the Tana Mongeau route and stream the wedding on a pay-per-view platform (I seriously don’t think that’s even going to be a problem) then we’ll be okay. Stay tuned!!!

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