Natalee Holloway Update: Consider the Source Next Time! 

It was a few days ago when Alabama twitter was in an uproar saying that in a raid in a sex trafficking ring in Hondourus, Natalee Holloway had been found. Alabama Twitter was all abuzz aout a statement that had been made publicly on March 22nd, 2020, by the military saying that one American hostage had been recovered in this raid, that much was true, but there was nothing directly stating that this hostage was or had anything to do with Natalee Holloway. So, how did this rumor actually get started?

You can thank someone in a QAnon group for getting everyone’s hopes up. QAnon has some pretty wild conspiracy theories that they’ve put out thee about celebrities and the world at large and if you go for a big enough deep dive some of the stuff that they post can be slightly frightening. So, it’s best to take anything that this group has to say with a grain of salt. I say that after writing the article stating that our girl Natalee could be on her way home after falling for it myself, but take a lesson from me, my friends. It’s not always wise to believe what you read.

Natalee Holloway: Consider the source next time. 

However, I am angry for the family of Natalee Holloway, I am angry for her innocent friends who might have come across this social media posting and, as I did, believed it and for a moment believed that maybe 2020 wasn’t such a bad year and there was one little glimmer of hope. That maybe, just maybe the bad guys didn’t always win and that they would see their beloved friend real soon. My heart goes out to her grieving family though, I cannot imagine what it was like for them to have to see that headline on social media and then realize that there was no way it could be true. After what they have been through, that’s insult to injury right there.

Before anyone comes out defending the group that put this news forward, I would just like to remind you that QAnon was originally named for the Star Trek character, Q. If anyone watched Star Trek back in the day, you’ll know that Q was the trickster. So if anything you read comes off a QAnon group, be very, very careful. We at DSD apologize to the family and friends of Natalee Holloway and speaking as an Alabamian myself, maybe one day, our girl will come home.

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