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Youtuber Tana Mongeau’s Instagram Could Get DELETED, In Trouble With Instagram Over Posts That ‘Violate Community Standards’

Instagram has decided to crack down on one influencer in particular, and that is Tana Mongeau. As we all know, before she joined OnlyFans Tana’s instagram was the place to be for pictures of her that was scantily clad.

However, she’s been getting warnings from the platform saying that a lot of her past posts have violated their community guidelines and that if she posts anything out of the way again that her account, along with all of her followers and anything in relation to it, will get deleted.

Tana Mongeau in trouble with instagram?

Apparently all of these posts that they mention were directly promoting her onlyfans account. Why the beef between onlyfans and instagram? Honestly, it has nothing to do with any kind of moral highground (even though some might argue that), rather it’s just if you think about it, OnlyFans and Instagram are sort of social media rivals.

Both mean possible revenue for the user, but one has a decidedly more direct approach to this. With instagram you have to cultivate followers and actually gain sponsors in order to get paid for your content. However with Onlyfans, making money is as easy as posting content that your audience is willing to pay for, and there’s a definite market out there for the type of pictures that Tana produces.

But one would see where Instagram wouldn’t really encourage that kind of thing, because the more time someone spends on onlyfans, the less the they’ll spend on instagram. Ultimately, that looks bad for Instagram and it’s investors because if all of their users eventually just migrate on over to OnlyFans, then sooner or later there’s no instagram.

A social media platform is only as good as its users. So it stands to reason that Instagram would take a stand and not allow promotion of Onlyfans accounts on its site. Also, there’s Tana’s alleged demographic, which is still young teenage girls and I suppose that in a way, instagram doesn’t want to look like it’s promoting a lifestyle in the adult industry (although, has Tana really crossed over yet?) which is exactly what OnlyFans does.

While no user has to produce explicitly 18+ content, a good percentage of the users on there do. Instagram is decidedly more family friendly and I guess wants to remain that way. So will Tana get banned? Stay tuned!!!

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