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Actress Charlyne Yi Calls James Franco A 'Sexual Predator'

Charlyne Yi Calls James Franco A ‘Sexual Predator’, Accuses Seth Rogen Of Enabling SHOCKING Behavior!

Actress Charlyne Yi is calling out Hollywood buddies James Franco and Seth Rogen on Instagram, calling Franco a ‘sexual predator’ and blaming Rogen for enabling it.

Yi was cast with Franco and Rogen in the 2017 film ‘The Disaster Artist’, which Franco also directed and claims producers tried to bribe her when she attempted to leave the film because of Franco. She also claimed that since Rogen was a producer on the film that, “he definitely knows what the bribe and why I quit.”

She went in on them hard on Instagram, wherein several posts about sexual predators, she called Franco out by name. Here’s just a snippet of one of her posts about why she mentions Franco. You can use the link to see the post in its entirety.

“Women do not feel safe to speak out when media and jurisdiction empowers powerful rich predators, and do not care to invest in educating themselves with tools to support survivors. —There are many women (some who were preyed on & groomed as *children*) who have not publicly shared about Franco. Please support the people who have.”

See the full post here.

Actress Charlyne Yi Calls James Franco A ‘Sexual Predator’

Yi and Rogen also worked together in the 2007 film, ‘Knocked Up’. Though, Yi claims that she was speaking out now because April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

On some of her posts, co-stars and others commented about Franco’s actions and one wrote, “Hey, just posted something but I had the same experience on set in a movie filmed in 2016 with the same producers as #TheDisasterArtist“.

Regardless of what month it is, if these claims are in fact true, she should have come out years ago instead of hiding the information while Franco continues making films and walking around free. I understand the seriousness of what she’s claiming, but why wait until the story fits into a “special month”?

What do you think? Do you think these claims against James Franco are true? Let us know in the comments below.

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