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Taylor Swift Sticks Her Middle Finger Up To Begin 2021

Taylor Swift started 2021 off in style as a photo emerged with her middle finger being stuck up towards the camera to cap off what has been a turbulent year for everyone.

The snapshot was captured by the pop star’s friend, Claire Winter Kislinger, and later posted on Instagram with the following caption: “See ya never 2020.”

Taylor Swift Sticks Her Middle Finger Up To Begin 2021

The photo seen above shows Taylor clearing having a good time. The purple-striped dress is flowing with swathes of glitter. And why not? After all, Taylor has had a magnificent year with two number-one singles in 2020 including her latest album Evermore.

When speaking on her music, she told Radio 1 host Zayne Lowe:

“One thing I wanted to do with Folklore is I wanted it to represent spring and summer. And when I made Evermore, I knew that I wanted to fill in the rest of the seasons of the year and have it reflect fall and winter.”

By the looks of it, 2021 will be even sweeter. And we are not just talking about her music. The man pictured beside her could be Joe Alwyn (her boyfriend), but one thing for sure, whoever it is will be a lucky man indeed.

Claire, who is famous for being a jewellery designer, and Taylor are no strangers. She has regularly accompanied Taylor to various ceremonies and none other than at the American Music Awards. It is there that Taylor picked up many accolades to become “the most decorated female artist in that show’s history.”

But with being said, the two are more than just friends: but rather family. In another Instagram post, Claire referred to Taylor as her auntie. The baby bump is hard to cover, and Taylor’s reaction is rather pleasing.

And when you thought it could not get any sweeter, the two continue to mingle together even so far as Taylor babysitting her son. She is donning a maroon, woollen top and black skirt in the picture below. And if looks are anything to go by, she clearly enjoys her role as an auntie.

Taylor seems to be in a great place. Her music is doing well, and so is her personal life. It only seems like yesterday when Taylor had a massive feud with Kayne West, and her music career was dogged with contractual disputes between herself and Scooter Braun.

But just as her music says: “Shake it off”, and that is what Taylor has done.
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