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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Jovi Dufren Needs to be more considerate

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers indicate that Yara Zaya really nailed fiance Jovi Dufrent to the wall, not that he was in a headspace to hear it because he was honestly too drunk to care. The thing is, even Jovi’s friends were coming up to Yara and asking her what the party was even for.

When Yara told them that it was their engagement party, they seemed genuinely surprised because it looked like this was just a party that Jovi was throwing just for partying’s sake. His friend even said that if this was their engagement party, it was Jovi and Yara’s night and that he needed to be with Yara, not being the life of the party with everyone else but Yara.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Jovi needs to be more considerate

Jovi looked pretty ticked off and bewildered when Yara dragged him outside. The producer asked Yara if she was having fun and she in turn asked Jovi, “Were you having fun?” and totally turned everything around on him and said that the only reason he was there was to drink and party, not to celebrate their engagement.

It would have been one thing if Jovi had walked around with Yara and socialized with Yara, but instead, Jovi kept disppearing on her and ditching her to hang out with people that he knew. He didn’t introduce her to any of them at any point, he was just there being Jovi and being the life of the party and leaving her out.

Yara doesn’t speak the language, she’s in a new country and doesn’t know anyone but Jovi and his parents. She’s met his friends but right now she wants to celebrate the beginning of their life together and Jovi isn’t contributing at all.

He just seems to think that Yara is going to find her own way around New Orleans and that he doesn’t have to introduce her to his friends or family or include her in his life at all. It’s not fair to Yara that she has to continually put up with drunk Jovi.

Perhaps his friends should stage an intervention and toss his drunk self in their back seat and drive him to an AA meeting, because at this point, I’d venture to say he needs one. It’s not normal to pregame with 5 beers before your engagement party and then continue drinking all throughout the night.

Jovi was too drunk to really realize what Yara was saying to him, he was so glassy-eyed that he was almost to the falling over state. No wonder Yara was calling him all kinds of names all night and said that she hated him. To coin a southern phrase, “He’s enough to make a preacher cuss!” because.. it’s the truth. I hope he sobers up before the kid is born! Stay tuned!!!

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