Univision Dulce Ambición Spoilers: Change of plans all around

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Univision Dulce Ambición spoilers reveal things are heating up as the series winds to a close. We’ve already seen a lot of resolution, but there’s still some plots waiting to be wrapped up. And if the other stories are any indication, these should all come with the same neat bow. Let’s take a look at what’s ahead.

Univision Dulce Ambición Spoilers: How about we don’t?

First, Dulce Ambición spoilers reveal Antero Valadares (Ary Fontoura) and his situation is one of those plots tonight. Earlier in the series, he and Marlene (Suely Franco) had a cute romance going.

That is, until he had a medical scare that caused his memory to go. Since then, Evelina Sobral Ramirez (Nívea Maria) has done everything possible to stake her claim on him. That all ends tonight.

Teasers reveal Antero gets his memory back during his wedding to Evelina and decides not to go through with the ceremony. This is popcorn-worthy stuff tonight, we’re sure.

We don’t think Evelina will take losing gracefully, nor do we think Antero will be gentle when he realizes she’s kind of been playing him all this time. But the best part for us will be seeing him and Marlene back together.

Univision Dulce Ambición Spoilers: No other options

In other news, Fabiana do Rosário (Nathalia Dill), we knew it wouldn’t last. After losing the factory, her money, and the apartment, Fabiana made the rounds asking for help.

She even swore she wanted just enough to get her on a bus back to where she came from. The reason? She’s planning to go back to the convent and take her vows. We had a feeling this wouldn’t happen, because it’s just so random and sudden.

Tonight, Rael Matheus (Rafael Queiroz) convinces Fabiana to take off with him. So, it does sound like she at least meant what she said at first. However, it also sounds like the darker side of her family history wins out if she takes off with him.

Univision Dulce Ambición Spoilers: Redeemed?

Finally, Dulce Ambición spoilers indicate there’s a plot we’re not to happy with that will be part of tonight’s action. Josiane “Jos” Sobral Ramirez Matheus (Agatha Moreira) had her “come to Jesus” moment and went on an apology tour via visits in la carcel, some things changed.

It seems Maria de la Paz Sobral Ramirez  (Juliana Paes) and Amadeu da Penha Matheus (Marcos Palmeira) will work hard to help her tonight. They’ll continue trying to convince the court to reduce Jos’ sentence. And if this succeeds, we can’t. Seriously, that would be strange after she committed two murders and tried for a third.

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