TikTok User Posts Video Before She is Murdered

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In the world of smart phones and social media, there are many ways to report crimes and there are many ways to show off gruesome acts online. One 9-year old girl used TikTok as her outlet and she made a video about her neighbor creeping her out just minutes before he killed her. Although this is pretty terrible, now the video can be used as a way to convict him and this TikTok was all the proof they needed.

Tik Tok: The Shocking Video

The video was recorded by Felicia Kononchuk. Her neighbor, a 33-year old man named Vasily Dunets, was being extremely creeping, according to her and she said, “He has been standing here for several minutes, knocking and cursing. I’m scared!”

This happened in Russia in the city of Chita on February 17. It appears that Felicia’s father had left her home alone so that he could go to the store to pick up the supplies he needed for the home repairs that he is doing.

Tik Tok User Posts Video Before She is Murdered

Felicia was very frightened of her neighbor and in the video, she makes it very clear that he was pretty scary. She and her younger brother decided that they needed to hide. She said, “Something bad is going on here… I don’t know what to do, he will just break our door now and that’s it. I’m very scared, my heart is beating.” According to the news, the man knocked on their door for an hour and things just started to escalate.

About 15 minutes after she posted the video to Tik Tok, neighbors heard gun shots and apparently Dunets shot his rifle through their door. The bullet hit Felicia in the head and when her father got back from the store, he saw that his daughter was barely clinging to life after being shot. She ended up dying on the way to the hospital.

Dunets was found sitting by a staircase when Felicia’s father returned. He was incredibly drunk and he was upset about the renovations that Felicia’s father was doing to their home. Apparently it really bothered him to hear the noise, but he never made that clear to the family. He was arrested and he is facing the charge of murder of a minor and he will face a life sentence in prison if he is convicted.

This is an incredibly tragic story and we hope that the family of Felicia can find some time to grieve and remember the impact she had on her friends and family.

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