How Do People Make Money On TikTok Anyway? The Science Behind A TikTok Creator

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Some of us sit back and wonder just what on earth these TikTok teens do to earn all this money to be able to live in these big fancy mansions out in LA where they have huge, cushy lifestyles. Aside from being in the infamous ‘hype’ and ‘sway’ houses, how do people make money on TikTok?

Apparently, it can be done, but there’s a way of doing it that is particularly successful, and for that, to work you have to have two things.

How Do People Make Money On TikTok Anyway? The Science Behind A TikTok Creator

One, you have to have at least 10,000 followers. Now, on TikTok that’s not that hard to do if you really, really go hard and make content every day. The FYP algorithm is pretty good and if someone likes your videos chances are you will wind up on their FYP more than once and perchance start gaining followers that way.

Usually, the FYP algorithm doesn’t show the same creator’s content twice, so if you want to see it again I would recommend liking the video and they’ll probably show up on your FYP again.

Second, you also need at least 10K views in the last 30 days. That’s a little bit harder to do if you’re a smaller creator. While there are some tiktokkers who have gotten their content down to a science and tend to get a lot of views over the weirdest things, some of the smaller, more artistic creators don’t get the attention that they deserve.

But, if you have met those two requirements, then you’re in luck, because that means that you can join the TikTok creator fund, and that’s when tiktok basically starts paying you for content.

That’s how a 16-year-old can afford a mansion in Beverly Hills. But the question is, what sort of videos do well enough to get that many likes and follows on TikTok? Of course, the dancing videos get a lot of attention, and music also gets a lot of attention, but the ones that aren’t music-related at all seem to be weird storytime-like videos.

The weirder the better. Got a strange dream? Post it. A Karen story that you need to vent about? Post it. Did you see a ghost or buy a haunted house? Post it! Got an adorable puppy or kitten? Post it! Makeup videos do well too, as well as TikTok challenges.

The ones that seem to get less attention are visual artists, because unlike youtube where you can post a 10-20 minute long drawing or crafting video, with TikTok you have to make sure the video is under 1 minute, or else it gets cut off.

That’s rather annoying and then you have to post multiple parts to your video, and sometimes the FYP is such that it doesn’t show the most recent videos of creators first and sometimes you need to do some digging in order to find the multi parts to those videos. Yikes! (Not that they’re not worth it, they very often are.)

 Another thing that tends to get less attention on TikTok than on youtube is makeup gurus. Yes, they definitely exist and are there but makeup is a youtube phenomenon, on TikTok the video format simply does not allow for it to be big like it is on YouTube.

However, the atmosphere on TikTok is completely different than on youtube. Youtube is a place where if you don’t have the best camera and lighting set-up then you probably won’t be able to do that well because youtube seems to have a level of production value.

Whereas on TikTok, everyone is a cell phone user and is basically starting with the same equipment, the content just varies. I like both platforms, but TikTok seems to be a lot more embracing of regular people these days, youtube has become a little bit snooty now. Stay tuned!!!

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