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‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Women Tell All, Apologize For Nothing.

‘The Bachelor’ spoilers find that last night’s Women Tell All special aired to high hopes. Instead, it became a shameful way to start Women’s History Month.

As per anything airing these days with Chris Harrison on the screen, the episode date was stamped. It’s an occurrence we became accustomed to, like the television commercials with their disclaimers saying, “filmed before Covid-19”. I.E. “We did nothing wrong.”

Harrison aside, viewers believed that, with all the toxic bullying in the house, surely the women at the center of the mean girl clique would have seen their deplorable behavior and, in an act of contrition (read: win backs fans in an attempt to be cast in Bachelor-In-Paradise), apologize profusely.

Apparently, these girls decided they are not part of the 2021 Bachelor Apology Tour.

With Queen Bee Victoria still leading the charge she, Chelsea Vaughn, MJ Snyder and Serena Chew decided that atonement is for hosts or front-runners or expletive tweeters. The four chose gas-lighting as their newest weapon of choice and somehow, Katie Thurston–the only woman in the Bachelor mansion who showed any sort of human decency, called out the bullying behavior and then alerted Matt James to the toxicity in the house and how it was affecting others–became the one to blame.

While Chris Harrison did nothing to stop the appalling gang-up, Twitter was NOT having it.

For her part, Anna Redman, who started the ‘Brittany Galvin is an escort’ rumor did apologize and held herself accountable, so I guess online backlash does get some people to think about their actions.

So, after a good twenty minutes of Victoria playing victim (she was later able to reprise that role when Matt James joined the group), fans finally got to see the group dates in which girls weren’t calling each other hoes or hookers. So obviously these dates had previously not made it to air.

The rest of the two hours slogged on, as all disappointing Tell Alls do. However, something felt…off. It could have been the controversy that has boiled over since the Tell All was filmed. Every sentence uttered by Harrison now had a double connotation to it as we all know he has been replaced by Emmanuel Acho.

It could have been that Sarah Trott who’d, in a sense, been bullied out of the house or Magi Tareke, one of the girls fans could actually stomach, weren’t in attendance. Maybe it was the fact that Heather Martin was a part of the group, yet strategically removed from almost every shot of the girls. There wasn’t even a sneeze about her ill-fated attempt to join the season and the inexcusable attack that was launched upon her by the girls. What was THAT all about?

Further into the oddity of it all was knowing that Katie Thurston was meant to be announced as The Bachelorette for season 17, which will begin filming any day now.

Further spoilers have leaked that Katie has since been dropped from the lead role, likely to be taken over by one of James’ top 3 BIPOC contestants- Serena Pitt, Bri Springs or Michelle Young

All in all, the Tell All went by the way of the entire on-screen season- it all looked juicy enough from the commercials, they definitely had the content to make it explosive…and they chose not to.

It really IS time or The Bachelor to change- in every way shape and form.

The conclusion of the Most Dramatic Season Ever of the Bachelor will air over the next two Mondays at 8pm ET on ABC

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