‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: GMA’s Michael Strahan Believes Chris Harrison’s Apology Was Only Surface Deep!

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‘The Bachelor’ spoilers find that this morning, in a five minute segment, Good Morning America aired the sit down Zoom interview between Michael Strahan and disgraced Bachelor host, Chris Harrison.

The clip began with Strahan providing the at home audience with the background to the controversy(ies) surrounding The Bachelor host before the previously taped (and edited) interview began.

Strahan reminded Harrison that this current season of The Bachelor was supposed to be a (albeit late) turning point for the franchise. Often criticized for its lack of diversity, it ‘only’ took 25 seasons to have our first black Bachelor at the helm, yet this was overshadowed by the controversies happening outside of the Bachelor Mansion.

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: GMA’s Michael Strahan Believes Chris Harrison’s Response Was Only Surface Deep.

Strahan then asked Harrison, “Why would you defend Rachael Kirkconnell?”

Harrison responded…by not answering the question at all. He sputtered about being an imperfect man who made a mistake. He owns his mistake, and it is not what he stands for.

So…why did he do it?

It’s pretty obvious by this stage that Harrison was sent into the Extra interview with Rachel Lindsay for the sole purpose of downplaying the uproar surrounding the perceived racism on Kirkconnell’s social media.

It’s well known that producers are hell bent on perpetrating any sort of drama on/around a contestant. Unless, of course, she is favored to take home the Bachelor’s final rose.

More clips were shown of the ill-fated interview between Harrison and Lindsay where Harrison professed he is not the “Woke Police”.

Strahan asked what the difference is between racism in 2018 compared to racism in 2021, as Harrison blustered about in the Extra interview.

“There is none,” Harrison backtracked for his interview with GMA. He went on to condemn antebellum themed parties past, present and future.

Harrison also bemoaned his own insensitivity when speaking with Lindsay who, in her podcast had said Harrison spoke at or over her, didn’t want to hear, only wanted to be heard (ouch!).

He revealed that he had apologized to Lindsay and apologized again now for the way he treated her, and furthermore how others have treated her since the Extra interview aired. Lindsay has had to shut down her social media due to harassment.

Staring down the lens of the camera, Harrison called for a ceasefire of the hate and racism been thrown at Lindsay and the black community as a whole. He further reiterated that he stands against all forms of racism.

Strahan asked Harrison if he believes he has been treated fairly to which Harrison responded, “I am not a victim here. I made a mistake and I own that.”

Strahan described how Harrison says he is committed to working with a “race educator and strategist” as well as with faith leaders and scholars.

Strahan’s last question to Harrison was, “So you are the right person to lead this franchise into the future, do you feel?” Yet again, Harrison seemed to dodge the question by simply answering that he wants and plans to be back but understands there is much more work to be done.

All in all, Harrison’s words were slick and seemingly very PR approved. At times his eyes darted to where his note must have been. The entire interview sounded as though he was hosting rather than responding, an opinion seemingly shared by Strahan.

Speaking in the aftermath of the interview, Strahan did not seem convinced by Harrison’s authenticity and felt he got only a “surface response” from a man who “wants to clearly stay on the show.”

The full interview can be seen here https://youtu.be/vsqV5_BDpbA.

What do you think of Chris Harrison’s first interview since he stepped aside from the franchise? Let us know in the comments below.

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