Netflix Stranger Things Season 4 Spoilers: Will Suzie-poo (Gabriella Pizollo) Come to Hawkins?

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For most of Season 3, we thought Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) was totally making it all up when he talked about Suzie (Gabriella Pizollo) the little girl he had met at summer camp.

We honestly all thought that Suzie was possibly a figment of his imagination and that he kept trying to contact her via radio just to keep up the illusion for his friends. When he wasn’t having any luck at first, we, along with the rest of Dustin’s friends totally wrote him off.

Netflix’s Stranger Things – Will Suzie come to Hawkins?

However as it turns out, we were all wrong! Dustin’s new girlfriend was as real as real could be and living in Utah, of all places! She likes the Earthsea books and wears cute little nightgowns that would not be out of place in an episode of Little House on the Prarie.

She fit right into the little group of nerds in Hawkins which begged the question – would we ever get to see Suzie come to Hawkins and pal around with the group for real? It would certainly be interesting to see Suzie show up in Hawkins.. Also we already know that the nerd gang needs another girl and Suzie would be perfect – but for now she is only nerd gang adjacent. 

Still, if she were going to come to Hawkins what would her reason be? Perhaps her Dad got transferred there as part of his job, or maybe her Mom could be a teacher at their school, that would be interesting.

A new teacher, maybe not anything to do with science but maybe art or theater or perhaps music because Suzie had to inherit her pipes from somewhere and it would be interesting to watch these kids undertake something like a school play – although in true Hawkins fashion we all know its going to get ruined so don’t get your hopes up.

Honestly she seems like she would be a better fit to be El’s friend than Max. She gives off the vibe that she would be the nicer one out of the three girls. However, considering what El and Mac have gone through, El with the scientists and Max with her brother I’m.not entirely sure that they would be nice to Suzie and that would make me really sad.

So far, Hawkins has a distinct lack of your stereotypical “mean girls” that we generally see in high school age media and I hope it stays that way. That is one tired trope. If Suzie does come to Hawkins I hope she finds her way in the group. Stay tuned!!!

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