Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker In Stable Condition After Getting Shot

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After a horrible incident last Wenesday in which Lady Gaga’s dogs Koji and Gustav were stolen by some unknown assailant and her dog walker, Ryan Fiscer, shot, the heroic dude is back on social media, posting pics to IG from his hospital bed. He was stabilized by Thursday night but it looks like it was touch and go for awhile.

Lady Gaga continues to praise him for how much of a hero he was, and Ryan has gone into further detail about the experience on his IG, saying how Gaga’s third dog that was involved, Lady Asia, escaped from the thieves but instantly came back over and lay beside him, trying to keep him calm as blood pooled around them both.

Lady Gaga’s dog walker in stable condition

He said as he lay there he apologized to her for not being able to better defend her brothers, but in true canine style, judgment’s just not a thing and she lay there beside him, comforting him. He said that people poured out of their homes and the nearby restaurant to help them after the incident.

The assailants are still unknown, one physically held Ryan down while the other pulled out the weapon and shot him. They meant to hurt this guy, and no one knows why yet. No one knows why they would literally gun down a random stranger in cold blood and take someone’s dogs.

There’s been no word of any celebrity stalkers (thought that is a possibility) or anyone that might want to harm Gaga or her animals, or anyone associated with her. That’s what’s so scary, these guys are literally phantoms.

But in spite of what Fischer has been through, he’s keeping it all positive and says that his clients that have sent him get well videos are keeping his spirits up, which is a good thing. Smiles and laughter, and most importantly physical safety, are important at a time like this.

It’s clear that he still misses his job though, and says that he can’t wait to get excited kisses and licks and maybe even an excited pee from Gaga’s dogs when he returns. We’re glad to know that Fischer’s better, and we hope that justice is served for all involved soon. Stay tuned!!!

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