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Netflix’s ‘Sky Rojo’ Season 1 Out Now, Created By the People Behind Money Heist (Casa de Papel)!

‘Sky Rojo’ spoilers reveal you might find this new Netflix series a bit familiar. The show was created by the same people behind Casa de Papel (Money Heist). After watching the promo, we can see where the shows are similar while also having their own unique vibe. Let’s take a look at the show, the trailer, and the reaction so far.

Netflix ‘Sky Rojo’ Spoilers: Background

According to the series description, this show is about three prostitutes who have had enough. The show will revolve partly around their mission to escape their pimp, Romeo () and his minions.

It reads as a modern day Thelma and Louise, focusing partly on the bond between the women as they face danger and crazy situations in an attempt to regain control of their lives and personal power. Like Casa de Papel, we’re getting the vibe of a group of characters that become like a family, and we love that.

Netflix ‘Sky Rojo’ Spoilers: The promo

As for the promo, it’s a wild ride. The pacing is frantic, while also perfectly capturing the spirit of the shows—at least as far as we can see from the description. There’s a voiceover to kick it off, describing their nights in the club before things escalate. The women are forced to run after defending themselves when they’re told they’re not going anywhere.

Colorful shots and action sequences dominate the promo, before ending on a cliffhanger moment. We especially loved the bit when the girls have to decide between being hares or foxes, choosing to be foxes.

Netflix ‘Sky Rojo’ Spoilers: Premiere and reaction

If you like what you see, Sky Rojo spoilers reveal you don’t have to wait to see it. The show’s currently streaming its first season on Netflix. The eight-episode season runs about 30 minutes each, so it’s definitely an easy binge watch. And if you end up loving the show, there’s good news.

Much like Casa de Papel, this season already has a second season on the way. It is said to follow the same format as the first season, so stay tuned for more information on when that might be available. As for the reaction, it seems fans are already loving it.

Many are expressing their excitement over the show coming from the minds of the same people who brought us Casa de Papel. If there’s one cast member who seems to be the center of attention, it’s Lali Espósito (Wendy). Fans can’t wait to see her in action again. There was one comment, however, that really got us. One person wrote, “Dualingo: You can learn languages here Netflix: I took that personally”

That got us because it’s so true. Watching novelas has definitely taught us a lot, especially in the beginning when we were listening in Spanish with English captioning. So, this could be a fun option if you’re looking for a different way to learn a language, too.

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