Lori Loughlin Concerned Netflix’s College Admissions Scandal Is Going To Make Her Look Bad

There’s no turning back the clock, now is there? There is a new report that says Lori Loughlin can’t wait to get back to work but at the same time, she is rather “concerned” about Netflix’s college admissions scandal doc. However, it’s still unclear to what extent the actress will be featured in the documentary. Here’s what you need to know.

Lori is certainly feeling a mix of emotions. As many fans know, she and her husband Mossimo Giannulli made headlines when they were caught in a massive college bribe scandal in which the couple paid a heap of money to get their daughters Isabella and Olivia Jade admitted into the University of Southern California.

Lori Loughlin Concerned Netflix’s College Admissions Scandal Is Going To Make Her Look Bad

She served less than two months in prison and paid a fine of $150,000. She now faces 100 community service hours and two years of supervised release. Mossimo, meanwhile, is still behind bars.

And now it seems like Lori just wants this entire controversy to blow away just so she can get her old life back.

“She wants nothing more than for time to pass so people won’t be talking about the college scandal anymore,” one tipster says.

What’s more, she wants to get back to work, but is just unsure about the timing.

“Lori’s been offered many opportunities to open up about what she has been through, but she can’t seem to find the right words. She fears no matter what she says, people can’t get past this,” the source said. “At this point, she just wants to move forward and focus on the positive.”

Lori Loughlin is best known for playing Aunt Becky in Full House and its spin-off, Netflix’s Fuller House. She has also made many appearances in television movies for the Hallmark Channel.

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