Marilyn Manson and Trent Reznor

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In the late nineties, it seemed that wherever you would see Trent Reznor, you would see Marilyn Manson. Manson and Reznor went on tour together when Reznor’s band, Nine Inch Nails, was winning fans all over the world.

As the opening act, Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids were gaining fans too. Many of Reznor’s fans were hoping that he would come out and share his feelings on what is going on with women coming out against Manson and Reznor has given a statement on how he feels about this scandal.

Reznor Shares Feelings

Reznor was quick to open up about his relationship with Manson. He told fans, “I have been vocal over the years about my dislike of Manson as a person and cut ties with him nearly 25 years ago.” In Manson’s book, Long Hard Road Out of Hell, Manson wrote that Reznor had assaulted fans that were drunk or on drugs.

Reznor said that he completely made this up and it never happened. “As I said at the time, the passage from Manson’s memoir is a complete fabrication. I was infuriated and offended back when it came out and remain so today.”

Marilyn Manson and Trent Reznor

Even back in 2009, Reznor called Manson “malicious and will step on anybody’s face to succeed and cross any line of decency.” Manson was signed to Reznor’s record label in the 90’s and helped him to produce 1994’s Portrait of an American Family, 1995’s Smells Like Children and 1996’s Antichrist Superstar.

Manson told his fans that his relationship with Trent Reznor had been mended in 2017. He said that Reznor sent him an email and they hashed things out. Clearly, that must have been fabricated as well since Reznor says that they cut ties decades ago.

Wes Borland, who was in Manson’s band in 2008 and 2009 said, “He’s not a great guy. And every single thing that people have said about him is f*****g true. So relax about the allegations towards the women. Like when people say these women are coming after him now….f**k off, they are speaking the truth.”

Interestingly enough, Manson fired his bassist, Twiggy Ramirez after he was accused of rape back in 2007. Funny how the tables have turned on him.

The Manson scandal may only be starting, but we have seen many people coming forward about how Manson has ruined their lives and we can bet that we will see even more. Stay tuned for more on Manson.

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