Was Tiger Woods’ Car Crash Career Ending? How Did The Crash Happen?

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Fans are delighted to hear the good news out of California this afternoon: Tiger Woods is out of surgery and is awake, responsive, and recovering after his horror single-car accident on Tuesday morning.

Police have said Woods, arguably the greatest golfer in history, is lucky to be alive. With his car flipping end over end for approximately 500 feet and landing on its side, Woods had to be pulled from the wreck by first responders.

It was reported that the jaws of life were used to remove Woods, instead an axe was used to break through the windshield and a pry bar to remove crash debris from around Woods’ legs.

Was Tiger Woods’ Car Crash Career Ending? How Did The Crash Happen?

Photos of the mangled SUV are stunning with the entire front of the car smashed in, all airbags deployed and Woods’ golf bag strewn beside the wreck. Woods reportedly suffered open fractures — bones that were broken and pierced through the skin — in the tibia and fibula of his right leg.

It is unknown as yet if the injuries are career ending but medical professionals have warned that Woods has a “long road to recovery” and several surgeries in his future.

What caused the crash?

Upon hearing of the accident on Tuesday, many were reminded of Wood’s infamous 2009 car accident. However, while this crash resulted in worse injuries, it was far less sensational. Police confirm Woods did not seem impaired at the scene.

Weather was not a factor, but it was reported that Woods was traveling at a “relatively greater speed than normal”  in an area noted for a “high frequency of accidents.”

With no skid marks present it does not appear Woods attempted to brake before the car crossed into the opposite lanes, flipping before hitting a curb and tree and finally settling on its side, several hundred feet from the road.

When police arrived at the scene, Woods was conscious, alert and struggling to remove his seatbelt and get out of the SUV. Woods knew his name and was able to answer basic questions like which day it was and where he was.

First responders claim Woods appeared very calm, likely because he was in shock. Woods was transported to a nearby hospital via ambulance, where he underwent surgery.

Why was Woods in California

Woods was driving an SUV provided by the Genesis Invitational, a professional golf tournament on the PGA Tour. Woods had stayed in California after the tournament to take part in various video and photo shoots, including instructing celebrity golf lessons.

Stars like Dwayne Wade, David Spade and Jada Pinkett Smith had shared photographs of their private sessions with the golf great on their social media.

Though he was all smiles in the photographs, interviews of Woods showed bags under the sports legend’s eyes. Not only did Woods look exhausted, he also admitted when in the broadcast booth, that he was feeling stiff from his fifth back surgery and he spoke about more MRI’s and rebab needed on prior injuries.

Several people noticed Woods speech was slow, whether that be from being on meds or simple fatigue. Reports have indicated that Woods was running late and en route to another celebrity golf session with NFL quarterbacks Drew Brees and Justin Herbert on Tuesday morning.

The combination of speeding to keep his appointment and his exhaustion look to be the main factors in the cause of the accident so far, but police have promised an investigation has been started and is currently on going.

Here’s to a speedy recovery, Tiger. We’re all wishing you the best!

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