Youtuber Trisha Paytas Banned From IG Over Promoting Sex Work!

IG has decided that it has finally had enough of Trisha Paytas and in accordance with their new guidelines they have banned her official IG account. What happened, you ask? Well it looks like IG now has a new guideline against promoting sex work so now if you have an OnlyFans account you can’t promote it on IG.

Trisha said that she had previously gotten warnings about promoting her OF account from IG but she kind if ignored them. I’m guessing that the joke’s on her now because her account is banned. She says tbat the ban is not permanent though and will probably only last for 30 days after her initial 24 hour review period from the site.

Youtube – Trisha Paytas banned from IG?

She says that she was shadowbanned for awhile because it took her forever to reach over 2.2M followers but this was the first tike that IG has actually actively banned her.

The thing is I’m not sure what makes what she does on IG so much more worse than say, Tana Mongeau or Bella Thorne who have actively promoted their OF accounts on their IG pages in the past.

Granted, Trisha is kind of past the “sugar baby” prime so that could just be IG’s way of telling her that she needs to pack it all in and cover it up but I seriously don’t see the difference between her and any other girl who wants to promote her OnlyFans, unless IG is getting ready to launch its own adult platform but if they are we haven’t heard about that yet.

So what is this going to mean for all the IG girls who do promote their OF content on IG?  We don’t know yet, I am assuming they will all get warnings telling them to take it down before they all get banned but some people heed warnings and some people do not, just like Trish.

Trish says that she is more than willing to keep things PG and well within the IG guidelines from now on, but it still begs the question about what she did that was so bad. I’m guessing IG is no longer the place to promote one’s modeling career. Stay tuned!!!

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