Real Reason Why Trisha Paytas Quit Frenemies Revealed!

Okay so here’s what went down between the Fr3nemies podcast members. Ethan is married to a woman named Hila, and apparently Trisha talks a lot of smack about her on the podcast or at least she has previously.

Hila told Ethan that she would rather not be mentioned in the podcast at all so Ethan, being totally in love with his wife, decided to respect her wishes. When Trisha started talking crap about her again, Ethan stepped in and told her to stop and that Hila did not want to be mentioned anymore on the podcast.

A perfectly reasonable request, right? Not to Trisha.

Trisha got very offended and started crying and calling Hila names and when she was asked to leave by Ethan she called him names too. She walked out, crying. The reason Trisha got so offended about that was because she said that in the past, Ethan and Hila had literally talked on the show about Trish and her relationship with Hila’s brother, Moses.

Moses and Trisha had beforehand agreed that this was part of the joke and that they didn’t mind their relationship being used for the views and such. Hila, however, did not say that her and Ethan’s relationship was up for grabs.

My own theory, and keep in mind that it’s just a theory, Trisha got mad because Ethan didn’t take her side in this. She has always been the girl that girls don’t like, and when she isn’t the center of attention for some guy, she always takes it extremely personally.

I think when Ethan took another woman’s side over hers, even though she was his wife, it upset Trisha’s little top-dog mentality because she has a need to be the star in a man’s life. Even if they’re not romantically linked. Although, I do wonder if Trisha had a thing for him.

I mean, let’s face it, I think Elle Woods took the news of her break-up with Warner better in the first Legally Blonde movie than Trisha took this simple request. She said she was crying all the way to her car and crying in the car on the way home, that’s a little… extreme… for just a simple request.

But okay, go off Trish. I also theorize that she may have had a thing for Ethan because he’s an older, married man and that seems to be her MO but she’s been dating younger and younger since Sean. Ahem.

Either way, that was one hell of a kerfuffle over a simple request. We’ll see if her resignation sticks this time. Stay tuned!!!

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