A Look Inside the Mind of Trisha Paytas After Feud With Charli D’Amelio

Surprise, surprise! Before she up and quit the entire podcast Trisha admitted to co-host Ethan Klein on-air that after Charli D’Amelio called her out she jumped at the chance to clap back because she literally thought, “Here is a girl with a 100M following calling me out and its the most relevant I’ve been in awhile.” Really, Trish?

That’s the way you think? When called out Trisha literally does not internalize any of the criticism, she does not think about how she could make herself better and more bullet proof she just thinks about the follower count and the views and how that is going to make her more famous.

What on earth?

Man, the logic there just boggles. That’s almost grade school bully level logic where you get called out by the popular kids and picked on but you secretly enjoy the attention because you got called out by the popular kids.

That is some screwed up logic and I swear I have not seen anything that level of pathetic since I was around 14. The behavior stops being cute and turns into being pathetic when you become an adult. Normal people take call outs as a chance to learn and grow and change, not as an open invitation for more drama.  But that is not Trisha’s MO, she doesn’t take any of it in.

And that, my good people is why Trisha will never change. It’s because no matter what someone says to her she will never believe that she is on the wrong and that she needs to take accountability for anything. Ever.

In fact I wouldn’t doubt if Trisha actually thought that all of her followers were just numbers in an algorithm and that anyone who called her out must be profiting off of it to do so because she couldn’t possibly be wrong and she couldn’t possibly be hurting real, live, actual people, right?

 It’s not that Trisha is uncancellable, its just she hasn’t been cancelled by the right people yet or maybe she’s just that narcissistic. But please keep in mind that when you give her any kind of constructive criticism that she’s literally not going to take it in. That is not who she is. Stay tuned!!!

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