How Much Does Charli D’Amelio Make Per TikTok Video? + Family Leaving Connecticut, Moving To Los Angeles

It seems that the life of Charli D’Amelio is going very quickly. She has jumped into fame so fast and now, with over 100 million followers, Charli and her family are selling their home in Connecticut and moving the family to Los Angeles.

When she began her TikTok videos, she was living in this adorable home and this is where all of her videos were filmed. She rose to fame very quickly and her family has discovered that their daughter has some serious talent and this is why they decided to leave New England.

Charli D’Amelio: Teenage Millionaire

Who knew that Charli’s dancing skills would turn her into a millionaire. This has been such a huge thing for her and her family and it was something she never expected. She has over 100 million followers and she makes about $10,000 per TikTok video! All of this  happened in less than 18 months of her life! Crazy, right?

Charli D’Amelio: Family Is Moving To Los Angeles

Now that the family is on the West Coast, Charli is gaining even more fame because she has been donating a lot of money to dance companies around the country. Their home in the Hollywood Hills is considered a mansion and looks a lot more trendy than their old house in Norwalk.

When it was listed on the market, it was listed at $5.5 million! Some paperwork has come out that the family is paying about $35,000 a month!

Charli seems to be very happy there and now all of her videos are filmed there. She has gotten a lot of backlash lately because of how she spoke out about the Brandon Bernard execution. He was sentenced to death for a robbery in 1999, where two murders happened.

He was only 18 years old when the robbery happened and many people questioned the death penalty for this teenager. There were many celebrities who opened up about how this was not a fair death and Charli and her sister spoke out about it too.

She wrote on Twitter, “After not being on my phone all day, I checked Twitter to see what is going on with Brandon Bernard, and I’m incredibly disgusted to see him be put to death. He does not deserve this, and it breaks my heart that our outdated legal system is taking the life of an underserving man.”

Many of her fans were not all right with posting about this and she got plenty of backlash. Charli decided to defend herself and her opinion on things with Bernard.

She wrote, “I feel like I have been given the platform that I’ve been given for a reason, and I am extremely sorry that I have not used it to the best of my ability. Going forward, I will be doing the absolute best I can to…help other people and let them know that I’m here for them. If I am going to be an influence, I want to influence for a good reason.”

Be sure to check out Charli on her TikTok and on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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