Jeffree Star gets a new puppy!

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Considering how controversial he’s been in 2020, it’s about time Jeffree did something a little more wholesome. He said he wanted to  star 2021 off right, and since he lost about 3 dogs last year he decided to fill the voids they left by getting a new puppy.

He said that this is his ninth pomeranian so far, and right now this brings his pack to seven. He chose another D name, which isn’t all that surprising, the new addition is named Donatella, I’m going to assume that she’s named after Donatella Versace.

Jeffree Star gets a new puppy!

He seemed to have the name picked out for her before he got her, which is kind of fasinating. I don’t like to name my dogs untill I meet them because sometimes a name is fitting for a dog and sometimes it isn’t. But Donatella’s name seems fitting for her.

jeffree star puppy dog 1

She’s a flashy little red merle (at least that’s how I would describe her coat) with the cutest little face ever. Jeffree loves her eyes, of course being a Merle they’re probably blue but throughout the video he didn’t really give a close-up of her eyes, they looked brown from all the camera angles but sometimes merle eyes can be a mixture of both brown and blue, maybe he’ll post some up-close pictures of her later.

In this video we got to see a softer side to Jeffree, one that definitely needs showing after all of the flack he’s been receiving lately for his role in the Trisha Paytas and hairbyJay drama. It seems that Jeffree is not really all that good at keeping human friends, so I can see where at this point he would need another dog.

After all, a dog loves you no matter what and doesn’t recognize the signs of emotional narc abuse so it doesn’t really get fed up, they’re just not wired that way. If you make fun of a dog’s hair then it’s yor own fault because you’re the one that had it groomed that way, and a dog can’t buy a house so there’s no use in making fun of it for not owning one.

If a dog has bad skin or is overweight, again, that is the problem of the human taking care of them, not the dog itself, but I’m sure Jeffree knows that.

jeffree star puppy dog

Still, good luck to little Donatella, it’s going to be a hard job making that grinch heart of his grow three sizes, but I think she’s up to the job.

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