Youtuber Nikkie Tutorials Plays peacekeeper As Nasty Feud Between James Charles and Lauren Conrad Escalates!

As we all know, awhie back, James Charles made a video in which he tried, tried to tout Lauren Conrad’s new beauty line. However it looked like someone actually punked him because when he got the package there was nothing in the containers.

That’s right, they were basically filled with air. Now, at first glance it looked like Lauren Conrad intended for James Charles to do a sort of “thoughts and prayers” makeup tutorial (I miss Sailor J on youtube so much) with these empty products, but Conrad later came out, defending herself, saying that she had been sent the products as a packaging mock-up and had accidentally sent them to Charles.

Youtube – Nikkie Tutorials plays peacekeeper?

Although that didn’t prevent him from dragging her for filth, because he did, saying “This is why you can’t just give anybody a make-up line. All of these people need to stop coming out with makeup lines!” Ouch! Fast forward to 2020 and now, Nikkie Tutorials has involved herself.

Nikkie Tutorials herself is no stranger to controversy because she had it only a few months ago when she came out as a trans influencer. No one had known previously that she was trans, and where she comes from in the Netherlands, being trans is apparently not as big of a deal as it is in the United States because she transitioned pretty early, she was only 14.

So whenever we’ve seen her on youtube, she’s always been a girl. Some of her less open-minded fans felt lied to about things, but ultimately it’s Nikkie’s business about what she wants to disclose about her personal life.

Either way, from my understanding she is friends with both James Charles and Lauren Conrad and thought the beef was pretty stupid, so recently she used her platform to get the two on-camera together and proceed to talk it out with them.

Lauren apologized for the entire thing and explained the situation once more, James told everyone that now that he had had a chance to actually try Lauren’s beauty products that they were pretty great. Nikkie did this as a gesture of good will, she wanted to show people that not everything has to be so bad in the beauty community and that people can get over themselves, hash it out, and move on.

It was a nice gesture on Nikkie’s part, you have to admit. However, we all know that it’s only a matter of time before the next beauty community controvery happens. Stay tuned!!!

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