Youtuber James Charles Appears On the Cover of Vogue Magazine!

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James Charles just posted on his IG his new Vogue cover, and it looks interesting. The Caption reads “The beauty of imperfection” and on it it has a single drip of what looks to be blue concealer dripping down his nose, all of his freckles are exposed (we seriously didn’t know he had any!) and he’s wiping this bright fuschia-y shade of lipstick off.

He’s says the issue doesn’t come out until Nov. 6th,  but you can pre-order it now and he gave the link where you can do so in the post.

Youtube – Finally, James is in the headlines for a good reason.

He has had a lot of controversy and drama lately. He was just recovering from Bye Sister, which happened over a year and a half ago and is still kind of following him around in the form of mentions from other creators (ahem, Tati, Jeffree), but he says he’s on a journey of redemption now.

A few months ago he was caught in a scandal involving his clothing line where he was accused of ripping off designs from Teddy Fresh, not to mention where people thought he was scamming them because their merch was never delivered. Oy!

Not to mention his most recent scandal where he took a Hawaiian vacation without quarantining, but, to be fair he didn’t break any rules because he provided a negative COVID test and according to the state of Hawaii, that’s all it takes to get in, no quarantine involved.

Still, considering his fanbase has been quarantined for months this probably wasn’t the best time to make that particular move. Will they be out in droves to support his magazine cover? Well, he won’t have to worry about those of his fans who have a Vogue subscription, but we’ll just see if they’re still willing to support this guy’s image after all of his latest controversy.

Let’s hope for him that the numbers are good because hey, he did follow the rules, at least on the last controvery. NOv. 6th will be the tell, I suppose. Stay tuned!!!

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