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‘LIfe After Lockup’ Spoilers: Sarah and Michael Simmons’ Love Story

‘LIfe After Lockup’ spoilers find that not all has worked out well for Sarah and Michael Simmons from Life After Lockup. The couple has had a tough relationship and now that they are split up and living in different states, many fans have started to wonder just how they met.

The couple has two daughters together and Sarah is living in New York, but Michael moved to Miami. We first saw them on Love After Lockup and that is when we found out about Michael’s many loves.

‘LIfe After Lockup’ Spoilers: How These Two Met

Sarah and Michael may be on the outs, but there was a point where they both loved each other very much. When Sarah was about 18, she was in Atlanta and living with her father. That same year, Michael chose to move to Atlanta to live with his dad.

They had a friend in common and met up when they were all hanging out together. Their friend was actually Sarah’s boyfriend then and he just happened to also be best friends with Michael. They became fast friends and eventually they did fall in love.

‘LIfe After Lockup’ Spoilers: Sarah and Michael Simmons’ Love Story

She told fans about his arrest, “When he got arrested, he was extradited back to Michigan because he was currently on parole from Michigan. That’s when I decided, because I was pregnant with Aviahna and having a child, that I had to go back to New York for support.

That’s how he ended up in Michigan and how I ended up back in New York. During his time in prison, we were inseparable. I mean, we were literally best friends. And I was young, yes, but I was extremely in love with this guy. So, when we had a child, he had already proposed to me, we were engaged, and our relationship was serious.”

Sarah continued to talk more about her children and Michael’s time in prison, “I’m having a child and have to raise her on my own, you’re in prison for all these years. But there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to hold him down. I was going to hold him down, and I was doing what I had to do to create a better life for him when he got out and really help him succeed the best way I could.”

Things didn’t go as Sarah had planned and now that they are split up, it seems as if Sarah is trying to do the best she can to be a good mom to the girls, but meanwhile, has a lot of issues with Michael as a parent. Stay tuned to Life After Lockup on WeTV.

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