What Does Trisha Paytas Have Against Tyler Oakley?

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Okay so in her TikTok series, Trisha compared James Charles to another famed LGBT youtuber named Tyler Oakley who was really popular in the early part of the decade but has since kind of fallen off in favor of other creators. She had the nerve to say that James’s cancellation was going to be epic and that in four years he was going to be the next Tyler Oakley, that people would be asking “Who?” when his name was mentioned.

Youtube – Wow Trish, I don’t think we’re being entirely fair to Tyler here.

But then again, it seems Trish just likes to bash people for no reason to get attention. She doesn’t even know James, previously claimed that Gabbie Hannah was stalking her when Gabbie has the tweets where Trisha contacted her first.

Youtube – What does Trisha Paytas have against Tyler Oakley

She says that David Dobrik was the reason for her relationship with Jason Nash going down the tubes but that was a situation where it ended up with Jason holding her hand through a 51/50 psychiatric hold so we’re not entirely too sure on the details there. Yeah we’ve all seen the video about it where she was crying on the kitchen floor but that didn’t exactly clear up much, situation wise.

So what on earth does she have against Tyler, why would she throw shade at him? With Trisha, it’s hard to say what her motivations are, but it looks like she’s like that bully in 3rd grade who always picked on people just to get attention, but in this case she’s just being an immature mean girl who likes to pick  fights.

As far as we know, Tyler Oakley has remained classy and not addressed any of Trisha’s comments and for that I don’t blame him, for such a ‘no name’ youtuber he still has 7.11M subscribers so I don’t think he’s doing all that badly.

He also just posted a video attempting to get people on Grindr to vote so he’s using his platform for a positive impact. As opposed to Trisha’s 4.8M subscribers and the only thing she seems to be doing is trying Tortillos at the time of this writing.

Youtube – Ahem.

I think it’s clear to see who wins the race here. Queens rule, bullies drool, and we all know what category Trish falls under right now. Stay tuned!!!

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