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‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Introducing Olivia Plath, Everything You Need To Know!

‘Welcome to Plathville’ spoilers indicate that TLC upload all the video profiles of everyone of the cast of ‘Welcome to Plathville’ we can now see, in her own words, the story of the infamous non-fundie daughter-in-law, Olivia Plath.

You know, the one that’s allegedly leading all the little Plaths astray and stole Kim and Barry’s eldest son right out from underneath their noses? (Come on, you know Mama Plath thinks it every now and again.) Now she gets to tell her side of the story.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Introducing- Olivia Plath

Olivia’s maiden name was Megs, she said originally her Dad was in IT but that he pastored a church on the weekends and he eventually got really involved in a very conservative church, and that’s where the whole quiverfull movement came in.

Once he got involved with this church they moved out to a farm and they became ‘farm kids and pastor’s kids’, which is one heck of a combo, it would seem. She says that her childhood on the farm taught her a lot of empathy, knowing that whatever animals she was taking care of, that their wellbeing was all on her, really drove the point home as a child.

Unlike the Plaths, the Megs’ homeschooling education was a bit different. Whereas Kim prides herself on being the only teacher that the children are exposed to, Olivia’s Mom had the Megs’ children be a part of co-ops and other programs that were available to homeschoolers.

Olivia also said that she would always see her Mom educating herself all the time about what to do for the animals, Olivia would be the one to do a lot of the procedures, but her Mom is the one that taught her how and she said that taught her a lot about self-education.

I think this benefitted Olivia a great deal, even if it exposed her to the world more than her future Mother-in-Law would have liked. That being said, Olivia’s not as worldly as Mama Plath would believe. Seriously.

She says growing up in a big family was fun at times and that she wouldn’t trade it at all, but that she wouldn’t necessarily recreate it either. The reason being was that as a child she didn’t get that much one-on-one attention from her parents (I mean, she’s one of 10 kids, there’s only so many hours in a day), she says that she only wants to have a couple of kids so that she can give each of her children more attention than what she was given.

She says the decision to leave the fundamentalist lifestyle was gradual for her, it started by looking around her home church and realizing that everyone around her had the exact same life and that she wanted something different.

But the church quickly shunned that desire, so after she graduated high school she started working construction, which was of course looked down upon in the church, but Olivia really loved working the job and continued in spite of all the flack she got for it. It made her confident and empowered and she knew that the knowledge she learned there could come in handy when she was building her own home someday.

How did she get to be a photographer? Apparently it was an interest that she shared with her late Grandfather who was a photographer as well. He started her when she was basically toddler age showing her his film cameras, and when she was 6 he passed and her Mother inherited all of the film cameras so whenever she missed her Grandfather she would get out the film cameras.

When she was 12 she started saving her money and it took her until she was 17 to save up enough to buy her camera and all of her equipment up front. She loves capturing people’s stories, especially weddings.

About Ethan, she says that she didn’t like him at all. She says that at first he followed her around everywhere and that she just thought he was annoying and immature. She also wanted to get away from the fundie lifestly and at that time felt that dating him would have dragged her right back into it.

But Ethan had one thing going for him that others didn’t when it came to Olivia, and that was the fact that he always respected her and what she wanted to do. Never once did she hear from Ethan that she couldn’t do something, he was always encouraging her, and when you grow up in a place where you don’t have a voice simply because you’re a woman, that makes a difference.

All of the other guys that she knew were always wanting to know when she was going to settle down and get married, they didn’t like he fact that she had her own business and could be independent and exist outside of them. Ethan wasn’t like that, he always thought her pursuits were cool and that meant that he was a keeper. Bravo, Olivia.

She says the downside to getting married really young was that they didn’t get to date normally and didn’t really get to know each other and that they’ve both grown at differen speeds. For Ethan, leaving behind everything he ever knew and had grown up iwth was a much slower process than it was for her.

Considering Olivia has had the chance to travel and see much more of the world than Ethan due to her construction and photography jobs, this stands to reason. Although she says that if they could have dated normally and that she could have foreseen all that was going to go down that she might have walked away but she would have missed out on Ethan as a person.

Does this mean trouble in paradise for the couple? Not necessarily. I think the tension has more to do with what is going down between her and Ma and Pa Plath than anything. She says that she loves Ethan and does not want to give him up but that sometimes she feels that it’s unfair, the way his parents make him choose between her and his siblings. Looks like the battle lines are drawn here, who’s going to win? Stay tuned!!!

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